Monday, February 11, 2008

On the move...

It's Monday morning and we have packed up Grace, the RV, and Louie, the Big A$$ truck, and about to hit the road. Not a very long trip this time heading to Southern California. The unfortunate part of leaving an area after you've been here a few months is I just learned all the short cuts to get to the market, some shopping areas that we frequent, the theater we like to go to, a well as the Casinos.

Oh well on to new adventures!!!
First stop will be Tonahpa, AZ then on to a WalMart parking lot in Palm Springs, just to land overnight so we can visit step momma. Then on to sister and brother-in-laws house for a few days. Hope to see lil bird and her handsome husband. That is always an adventure.............stay tuna'd!!

1 comment:

Moon said...

We have the extension cord all warmed up and waiting.

Have a safe trip.