Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This my friends

is where your table grapes come from. Well maybe not all of you but I would guess a lot of you. There are miles and miles of these vineyards, with an oil derrick thrown in here and there.

Also some of the best oranges, valencia and navel come from this region. The oranges from this region are eating oranges unlike the oranges from my former home state of Florida that are oranges grown for juice.

The RV park we are in right now is a former orange grove and when they built the park they left many trees on grounds. So that means if there were oranges on the tree I could walk out my door and pick oranges. Well unfortunately that is not the case most of the oranges have already been picked. You can see in this photo there is not one speck of orange........grrrrrrrrrr!!! But the fruit stands are close by so I'm not too disappointed.

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