Sunday, August 30, 2009

My view

When I drive to town I see this barn.
I absolutely love old red barns. When Mr and I would drive to see his parents in Canada when we lived in Connecticut, we
would often count red barns or silos, one reason was it was a very long boring trip. Let me tell you there are a lot of red barns
and silos on the New York thruway.

I wasn't into photo taking that much back then, I should have been cause the scenery
was quite nice, with rolling hills and very pretty cows, probably milk cows cause they were all black and white. You can tell I know a lot about cattle and breeds huh! ha!!!

This dude resides on the property of the pretty red barn.

Is this guy sticking his tongue out at me.................

as always click on any photo to get a better view

Monday, August 24, 2009

Meet our new neighbors...UpDated

I received several emails from readers telling me the name of these sweet looking steers........they are called Belted Galloway. My readers are quite versed in breeds of bovine....thanks.

The most unusual looking steers I have ever seen. They have a name I just haven't found out the name of the breed yet. But they look like oddly formed yet fuzzy pigs.

These big boys may be good neighbors to us but they have neighbors that they aren't real fond of, in the same pasture are two female bison that I'll tell you more about later

Friday, August 14, 2009

Slow drivers

drive me crazy. I live with a slow driver. He does drive me crazy at times but then he is driving a Big A$$ truck and dragging our house and all our worldly goods (well not all) but certainly a lot of them. And one of his favorite boasts, Mr doesn't boast a lot, but he does tend to boast about the good fuel mileage he gets by driving at a normal speed. Anyway this sweet little guy was saved to live many more days because my man drives slow and today didn't drive me crazy.

Came around the corner and here was this sweet little guy. Heard the truck and started leaping as we crawled along not knowing which way this gut was gonna go. He finally decided to run in front of the truck and the the embankment to a pretty spot down by the Gunnison River.

They aren't the best photos I have ever taken out the window but this little creature was not about to stop and pose.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did I tell ya

about the llama's and alpaca's that live on the outside of town on a very nice piece of property?

Well maybe I told you but didn't show you.

This is Paul and his twelve year old llama Susie. Paul takes Susie for a walk everyday and we just happened to see this guy walking his llama and had to stop. Don't see a llama being walked on a leash everyday, well at least I don't.

The reason Paul was walking Susie in this area is because of these guys

Guess they enjoy visiting with each other even though there is a fence between them. In this fenced group live two llamas and six alpacas.

Susie liked Mr Doodles

a lot it appears.

We have been invited back to visit again..........think we'll take Susie and Paul up on their invite.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An addition to my thoughts

I did mean to post this site for some health care info.......thanks sister for reminding me.............please read everything you can and don't believe all the junk you are hearing.

Wouldn't the everyday common folk be better at figuring out this health care situation than the morons in Congress. I would like to see a panel of folks like you and I along with the morons in Washington.

Terrible rumors have been flying around the internet and cable news networks. Do yourself a favor and don't believe any of those rumors, do the research your self.

Another thing is Medicare has been working fairly well and that's a government program has anyone thought of that?

Last but not least how many of the folks in Congress are on the sweet list for the insurance companies.

I did mean to post this site for some health care info.......thanks sister for reminding me.............please read everything you can and don't believe all the junk you are hearing.

a very sweet pair

This very sweet, cute pair will be making their new home to Southern California. They have to wait till the gypsy caravan finds it's way there tho.

I found these guys at a local farmers market. Nice story that made me appreciate my purchase even more.

It seems the maker of these guys, a ten year old, is raising money for a friend that needs some medical care. Yes I saw the ten year old using her own hands to make the bears. I was quite impressed with the talent as well as the cleverness of this young lady.

Here's hoping the recipients enjoy them as well.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

It's the haze

Now I have shown you this view before, it's the view from our backyard. Normally the sky has puffy clouds and the Blue Mesa Lake shimmers navy blue.

Well not right now cause we got a fire going on folks. Nothing dangerous to us only to the animals that live here.

For many fires like this the very brave fire guys and gals like to let it burn, unless it gets too close to and RV resort ya see.

Normally that view has three mountain ranges's hoping the fire gods
die down tonite as to not cause a panic in the park.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Another anniversary to celebrate

This one makes me feel old................celebrating 50 years of the Peace Sign. Do you know how and why the peace sign came about? This site will provide a bit of information a lot of which I didn't even know.

Ahhhhhhhhhh the sixties, growing up in Southern California. What a wild time!!!

So what are your memories?