Friday, March 28, 2014

Why do these things happen to me

So every summer it seems I break a toe.  I cannot say whether it is because I am accident prone, a klutz or just plain careless.   

Well this broken toe is NOT my fault!!!

Here's what happened.  Yesterday while out and about running errands I decided I would treat myself to an iced carmel macchiato at Starbucks.  Get to the entrance hold the door open for the elder lady coming out.  Right behind her is her husband.  He is driving a motorized wheel chair thing.  Well he came screaming out that door right behind the wife.  Ran over my  sandal'd foot and nearly knocked me on my  keester.  I hollered "hold it".  Elder wife turned around and said  "oh Robert who have you run into now"?  Seems old Robert is new to this fancy, schmancy machine he's piloting and hasn't mastered the technique of not running into objects including people.

They were lovely people in spite of the fact that  Robert was a terror on wheels.  They were both concerned about my well being and the fact that I wasn't hurt.  What's a broken toe?  Hey I got nine more.  

Well today it's an odd color and it is splinted with two popsicle sticks and some bandages.  No I didn't go to the Dr they wouldn't do anymore than I have done.  Remember I'm quite experienced in the broken toe department.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

A giveaway..............just for you!!

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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Some random thoughts..............

Things that just pop into my head.  I knew, from experience, hernia surgery is a bit awkward to bounce back from.  But for a male it's a big pain, really big pain in the nether region.  And when a male who has never had a headache or pain meds, when he pulls up his pj top so I can look at his stitches and he sees the bruising  well the poor guy goes into a state of decline.  Trust me he will mend.  It;s just going to take longer than what he thought.  I dearly love my husband but he is far from accustomed to any pain even in his advanced years.

So on to another thought.  This thought came from our cat Bogey  "where the hell are all the birds"?  Bogey is quite used to sitting at the big window  gazing out, tail swaying side to side, bit of purring can be heard checking our those feathered creatures.  There ain't no birds in Yuma.  He has no form of entertainment other than the yarn balls sister made for him.  Oh and he confiscated the felt rooster my niece gave me.  Need to import some birds for the poor cat.

Now to Yuma itself.  Happy birthday Yuma you are now/almost 100 years old.  Guess we will be seeing you on Willard Scotts birthday list. Due to the surgery mentioned above we just might be around for the celebration.

But prior to the centennial/birthday celebration there is Midnight at the Oasis
What a spectacle this is for the city, the residents and the snowbirds.  If you are in the area buzz on over this weekend.

I have a lot more thoughts than this but my patient requires attention.