Friday, November 30, 2007

It's pouring here!!!!

I know a lot of my friends need rain in their areas. Just about now, since it has rained all nite, all day yesterday AND the nite before, I'd be just more than happy to pack you up a bit of this moisture and send it UPS to y'all.

I do know that the much needed areas of Southern California got some sprinkles. I know it wasn't much but every little bit helps. If in fact it rains too hard there in the fire zones guess what, mud slides. Those folks that were so lucky to not lose their home in the fires, one hard rain and their lovely home is sliding down the hill. So keep these good folks in your thoughts and prayers cause a mud slide is NOT what ya want for Christmas.

Hope this doesn't sound selfish BUT while you're saying a prayer remind the dear Lord above that the UCLA Bruins Football Team will be playing their cross town rivals USC today at 1:30 p.m. The Bruins have not had a stellar season this year but sure would be a happy camper if they beat SC. Also just want my dear niece to have a very happy day when the Bruins beat the snot outta SC.

OK we are having an afternoon outing of sorts, that is if the rain holds off. We are headed to the Tamale Festival in South Tucson. Happens to be on an Indian Reservation so this just might be a lot of fun..........stay tuna'd

There are folks that are depending on YOU!!!

The SOB's............OK I don't normally go off like that BUT ya gotta go read what my sister just blogged.......... here>>>>

We, as human beings, cannot allow big business to treat people in this manner. Come on folks step up, do something. Having lived in Florida for many years with their corporate office in our vicinity, we did hear a lot about BK Corp. It's bad enough we, residents of this fabulous country, allow our government to treat us so very shabbily, I know that's not a word....tough!!!

Do me a favor, don't, just don't contribute to this companies madness. Plus they have crappy commercials.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My favorite Pup

Recently we had the opportunity to spend about ten days with this guy. He is my sister's family dog. And let me say that "Buddy" yes he has the same name as the evil cat that resides with the Doodle clan.
Buddy, the dog is just the sweetest and well behaved animal.
I have taken many photos of Buddy but this is just one of my favorites. I took this right before we all left to go our separate ways.

Look at that face is that not the sweetest puppy face.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Living the compact life

I am writing this for me as much as y'all to give an insite as to RV living.

lordy I found dust and dirt in the bottom of drawers and shelves that I have no idea how it got there. I know it probably came from living in plenty of gravel RV Parks around the country, but how it creeps into the RV drawers and such... I must be more diligent when docked around gravel spots. . Anyhow it took lots and lots of cleaning to get rid of the grit and now I have sparkly clean drawers and closets.

For some baby boomers, the RV life has become the new Harley Davidson – a symbol of nomadic/gypsy freedom. In a way it is gypsy like, but there is a bonus you get to meet up with old and new friends while seeing the vistas of this great country. Most of you know we crammed 18,000 miles into a about six months. And yes we will admit we did overdo by a few miles but the sites we saw were just amazing. And there is so much more for us to see. Like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, DC Zoo, Vietnam Memorial, Atlanta Aquarium all kinds a places to visit and revisit So listen to this...YIKES!!! pray for me please!!!

Mr Doodles has convinced me there is Alaska in our future. Now, just for visiting mind you, but three months. So a plan has been put in place for such a trip. I was hesitant, that's putting it mildly, for a long time, stamping my foot, hell no I won't go, way too remote for me, too far, too long - hell I could go on and on. Till finally Mr Doodles said OK then Buddy, he's the cat, and I will go. I almost said " see ya!!!" Then I thought about it. And then stepmomma relayed her experiences of Alaska and it did sound intriguing, sorta. I even offered stepmomma to take my place. But after the conversation with her I figured what the hell, OK I'll go. Be alert Mr Doodles my Christmas present to you is telling you I'm going to Alaska. Now that means we will delay buying and building anything for at least another year, but what the hell ya only live once and think of the photos I can take. Wonder how much gravel there is in Alaska. I'll let y'all know.

One of the big question that folks making the jump from "sticks and bricks" to a "life on the road" is a good, solid, important one: how to decorate for the holidays..........that is a definite stay tuna'd

Friday, November 23, 2007

don't think I've been slacking

cause I haven't been. I figured out how to cook a turkey breast (almost too large for my teeny oven) with all the trimmings. What a feat that was and I say that with all the smugness I can muster. Use your imagination cause I only took one photo.

But pictured here is the Foster Farms boob I cooked. And I am dead serious when I tell ya it was almost too big for my teeny oven. But roasted Foster Farm boob and all the trimmings were done to perfection even if I do say so myself. Included was my favorite pie........ Pecan from Marie Callender's. I figured if I was doing all the cooking I get to choose the dessert. Attention Mr Doodles, you cook, you can choose the dessert. Oh yeah a dollop of fresh whipped cream on my pie slice, Mr Doodles had a dollop of Cold Stone ice cream in honor of his friend Mr Nutz.

So now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, we all had a good dose of Prilosec, Christmas is coming, you do know that right?!?!? And I must get going..........get a note off to Santa just to let him know that we have re-located to the great SouthWest.

Think I'm gonna go enjoy the wonderful culture here, snap some photo's, so stay tuna'd........

Thursday, November 15, 2007

360 degree sunset

you may click on this photo to enlarge for better viewing or you may go look at my other photos at my flickr site
To have a beautiful sunset you need clouds, not a lot of clouds but some. This particular sunset took peoples breath away as it was in total surround. Oh my word it was stunning. I couldn't snap fast enough. Southern Arizona is beginning to surpass the Florida Keys in dynamic sunsets.

I'm on a photo Mission for my friend kimmy ................stay tuna'd

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I do believe in omens!!!

While in Southern California we did lot's as I have posted but one day our day started out as a girls shopping day. Ya see I needed to go find a baby present for a friends newly arrived little one. Sister and stepma were happy to accompany me - go figure. We got lucky and found a really nice baby shop in a local store. Wow this is good we say. Now we have to finalize our shopping for our Thanksgiving feast we were to have the following day. More about that later. Waltzed into the market got what we needed and were outta there in no time. Nothing perishable so all was OK in the trunk of Stepma's car. Cool!!! Hmmm who's hungry? Well yes of course we all were but wanted to check in with the husbands and see what they were up to. They oddly enough answered their cell and we discovered they were at an olde air museum and would have lunch later. Super we were still on our own.......let's go have an In and out Burgers. Stepma had not been in awhile and it's a fav of sister and myself. Lunch out of the way and more shopping on the menu I must run to the ladies room first. We get out to the car and I explain that the restroom must have had a very ill person in there so I must find a restroom. Stepmomma says "well we are close to the Casino and they have restrooms". There certainly was not a lot of hesitation when we all said sure why not we'll go for and hour. Sister was glad we did and so was I. Stepma didn't fare quite as well but was still smiling. We walked out of the casino well to the good. And even had more time to shop. Life is good!!! Now about that Thanksgiving we decided to have our Thanksgiving early since most of us were together. We sure did miss my niece and her sweet husband. And I'm telling ya Mr Nutz, ya shoulda stayed. Wander over to PBE for the menu and a couple a photo's.

Mr Doodles and I are now settled in Southern Arizona for the winter months so
stay tuna'd cause the sunsets are to follow.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans All ...................We Thank You

Our family albeit small we have several Veterans. My sweet Mr Doodles happens to be one of them. He is a Canadian by birth and came to the states when is was in his early 20's. When he was about to cross the border from Vancouver to travel down to California he was informed of the possibility or being drafted. This man was not about to be drafted so he signed up with the Air Force. Oddly enough ended up with a top secret clearance and not even a citizen. I am grateful that this man is by my side each and everyday.

As I am grateful for my brother-in-law, his wonderful father and my father for their contribution to all of our safety and peace of mind.

And to all of our service men and women serving around the world to make our world a better place thank you.

Maybe you would like to say thanks, go to this site

And if you care to pass the site address along to friends and family so they can say thanks too.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

paid in full.......

Did I happen to mention there are Indian Gaming CASINOS here in the desert?

Well last nite after a lovely dinner sister Moon put together and some rowdy conversation around said dinner table, we all got ready to go back to our respective RV's, when Mr Nutz and I decided we should go see how the construction was going on the local casino. Agua Caliente happens to be in the midst of a very large expansion. Didn't have any takers to come along sooooooooo off we went. Let me just say this I walked away at 12:15 am with enough winnings to pay for the trip to the DAMN!!!

Now I wonder if I should go back tonite to see how the construction is going...............stay tuna'd!!!

PS..........must also mention that I sure do miss having my sweet niece here with the gathering of the clan. Her and her husband a traveling to London for a conference. But lil bird please know we talked about y'all ;)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Here we are

Proof positive that we all really do exist and are still alive and well.

The boys, pictured from left to right, Mr Doodles, hunky BIL and Mr Nutz, ended up one day wearing the same T-shirt. Brother-in-law brought them because a
friend of his owns this hot rod shop. And being a hot rodder himself BIL does tend to spend a fair amount of time hanging out in this shop.

And no I know it looks like the boys are doing something else but maybe they weren't too pleased I asked them to pose, who knows. And is Mr Doodles the only man that does not wear a belt with his jeans?

By the way on our drive to Los Angeles the olde odometer on the Big A$$ truck Louie hit 18,000 miles.

Because we decided not to go to the final day of racing, we all hung out at the RV park and readied ourselves with food and beverage. Even had company, Mr & Mrs Wtnb dropped by. Good to see them again and sure hope they get over to visit us in Southern AZ.
Sorry that sweet niece was not able to join us as due to a rotten cold. Feel better sweet girl.

Mr Nutz and BIL volunteered to BBQ between rounds of racing. Can you tell one of them is not giving full attention to the dogs ?!?!? But who doesn't like burnt dogs. Burgers and mom's famous potato salad rounded out the menu. No fancy stuff here.

We ended the evening after the final round of racing. Oh and I guess I must add our friends didn't win, so we must go back and gear up for another long year of racing in 2008.

After waking quite early on Monday, Mr Nutz buddled up Mrs Nutz to the airport to catch a flite back to Ontario, Canada. Hey someone in this group has to work, might as well be she. But Mrs Nutz will surely be missed cause we are heading off to the area of Palm Springs, land of a million golf courses. Mrs Nutz is an avid golfer, and I might also add she beats the boys on a regular basis.

So...................stay tuna'd from the desert of Southern California

Thursday, November 01, 2007

We missed Las Vegas

Arriving in Los Angeles at the RV park, sitting around having an adult beverage we think wow what a great time we had in Vegas, the Drag races, going to some of the fine dinning establishments, meeting up with friends, and of course some gambling thrown in to occupy our time.
Casino's, we missed going to the casino and the excitement of losing
and/or winning, which of course we all did.

Sooooooooo after having pizza and a couple a beers we decided to go back to our RV and play some dice. Now let me also mention Mr Doodles does not gamble at all ever, well he gambled on me some thirty seven almost years ago, but that's another time and another blog.

But Mr Doodles likes playing this particular dice game. The four of us sat down to a game of dice and decided to play for $$$. I'm not about to explain the game here because it is a bit complicated to explain. Kinda game ya gotta play a round or three and then DUH!!! I get it. And let me say it is fun with a bit of strategy thrown in. Think that's why Mr Doodles enjoy the game so. We had played before but it was when we were all in Denver together and several months ago, you tend to forget the rules.
So we get thru our first game and I seemed to run away from the pack and WON!!! Woo Hoo!!! And being that the other three had to pay me another game was suggested. Heck yeah I love playing the game, I'm up for a rematch even Mr Doodles said "sure".

I beat the sox off of em again.........woo hahahaa!!! That was fun and I am now $5.85 to the good. You know they are all gonna want another rematch. But reinforcements are arriving next day in the form of sister and brother-in-law. Let's see how they do in this game of dice........stay tuna'd

A side note to post a photo that I took while downtown Las Vegas. The Fremont Experience is just an amazing site but hard to explain. It started a few years ago to attract more folks to come downtown since the Strip was getting all the tourists. Well it worked and it certainly is a fun few minutes to view. Well since the Drag Races were going on they honored that even and with the sound minus the nitro smell. It is quite an honor to be picked to appear on the Fremont
Experience, wonder if they did the PBR professional bull riders, since they were in town at the same time.