Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Here we are

Proof positive that we all really do exist and are still alive and well.

The boys, pictured from left to right, Mr Doodles, hunky BIL and Mr Nutz, ended up one day wearing the same T-shirt. Brother-in-law brought them because a
friend of his owns this hot rod shop. And being a hot rodder himself BIL does tend to spend a fair amount of time hanging out in this shop.

And no I know it looks like the boys are doing something else but maybe they weren't too pleased I asked them to pose, who knows. And is Mr Doodles the only man that does not wear a belt with his jeans?

By the way on our drive to Los Angeles the olde odometer on the Big A$$ truck Louie hit 18,000 miles.

Because we decided not to go to the final day of racing, we all hung out at the RV park and readied ourselves with food and beverage. Even had company, Mr & Mrs Wtnb dropped by. Good to see them again and sure hope they get over to visit us in Southern AZ.
Sorry that sweet niece was not able to join us as due to a rotten cold. Feel better sweet girl.

Mr Nutz and BIL volunteered to BBQ between rounds of racing. Can you tell one of them is not giving full attention to the dogs ?!?!? But who doesn't like burnt dogs. Burgers and mom's famous potato salad rounded out the menu. No fancy stuff here.

We ended the evening after the final round of racing. Oh and I guess I must add our friends didn't win, so we must go back and gear up for another long year of racing in 2008.

After waking quite early on Monday, Mr Nutz buddled up Mrs Nutz to the airport to catch a flite back to Ontario, Canada. Hey someone in this group has to work, might as well be she. But Mrs Nutz will surely be missed cause we are heading off to the area of Palm Springs, land of a million golf courses. Mrs Nutz is an avid golfer, and I might also add she beats the boys on a regular basis.

So...................stay tuna'd from the desert of Southern California


Bee said...

Glad to know you are alive and well. But my heart is really going out to Mrs. Nutz, having to go to work. How sucky is that?!

Have fun in the warm Southern California sun. We finally have cool weather in SC and I love it!!!

Doodles said...

I know sucky fer sure I sure wish Mrs Nutz could have come along on the desert trip cause golfing here is amazing and that's her passion - well besides Mr Nutz.

maltese parakeet said...

waaah, wish i could've been there!

p.s., pictures aren't showing.