Thursday, November 15, 2007

360 degree sunset

you may click on this photo to enlarge for better viewing or you may go look at my other photos at my flickr site
To have a beautiful sunset you need clouds, not a lot of clouds but some. This particular sunset took peoples breath away as it was in total surround. Oh my word it was stunning. I couldn't snap fast enough. Southern Arizona is beginning to surpass the Florida Keys in dynamic sunsets.

I'm on a photo Mission for my friend kimmy ................stay tuna'd


ashpags said...

Oooh that's gorgeous!!!

Doodles said...


Anonymous said...

did I hear someone say my name ?! you're the best...thanks for helping me get something on this bare wall ! your sunset pic looks like a postcard ...very cool...speaking of's 27degrees here right now....brr..enjoy your warm winter !! Kim

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful picture, Cactus!!!!

I am so jealous you're in AZ and we had snow here today!!!