Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I do believe in omens!!!

While in Southern California we did lot's as I have posted but one day our day started out as a girls shopping day. Ya see I needed to go find a baby present for a friends newly arrived little one. Sister and stepma were happy to accompany me - go figure. We got lucky and found a really nice baby shop in a local store. Wow this is good we say. Now we have to finalize our shopping for our Thanksgiving feast we were to have the following day. More about that later. Waltzed into the market got what we needed and were outta there in no time. Nothing perishable so all was OK in the trunk of Stepma's car. Cool!!! Hmmm who's hungry? Well yes of course we all were but wanted to check in with the husbands and see what they were up to. They oddly enough answered their cell and we discovered they were at an olde air museum and would have lunch later. Super we were still on our own.......let's go have an In and out Burgers. Stepma had not been in awhile and it's a fav of sister and myself. Lunch out of the way and more shopping on the menu I must run to the ladies room first. We get out to the car and I explain that the restroom must have had a very ill person in there so I must find a restroom. Stepmomma says "well we are close to the Casino and they have restrooms". There certainly was not a lot of hesitation when we all said sure why not we'll go for and hour. Sister was glad we did and so was I. Stepma didn't fare quite as well but was still smiling. We walked out of the casino well to the good. And even had more time to shop. Life is good!!! Now about that Thanksgiving we decided to have our Thanksgiving early since most of us were together. We sure did miss my niece and her sweet husband. And I'm telling ya Mr Nutz, ya shoulda stayed. Wander over to PBE for the menu and a couple a photo's.

Mr Doodles and I are now settled in Southern Arizona for the winter months so
stay tuna'd cause the sunsets are divine.....photos to follow.


Moon said...

"Any port in a storm" worked well for us.

Bee said...

It was meant to be!

Can't wait to see those sunsets. You know I love 'em!