Friday, November 30, 2007

It's pouring here!!!!

I know a lot of my friends need rain in their areas. Just about now, since it has rained all nite, all day yesterday AND the nite before, I'd be just more than happy to pack you up a bit of this moisture and send it UPS to y'all.

I do know that the much needed areas of Southern California got some sprinkles. I know it wasn't much but every little bit helps. If in fact it rains too hard there in the fire zones guess what, mud slides. Those folks that were so lucky to not lose their home in the fires, one hard rain and their lovely home is sliding down the hill. So keep these good folks in your thoughts and prayers cause a mud slide is NOT what ya want for Christmas.

Hope this doesn't sound selfish BUT while you're saying a prayer remind the dear Lord above that the UCLA Bruins Football Team will be playing their cross town rivals USC today at 1:30 p.m. The Bruins have not had a stellar season this year but sure would be a happy camper if they beat SC. Also just want my dear niece to have a very happy day when the Bruins beat the snot outta SC.

OK we are having an afternoon outing of sorts, that is if the rain holds off. We are headed to the Tamale Festival in South Tucson. Happens to be on an Indian Reservation so this just might be a lot of fun..........stay tuna'd

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Anonymous said...

ah...too bad about your Bruins :(