Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans All ...................We Thank You

Our family albeit small we have several Veterans. My sweet Mr Doodles happens to be one of them. He is a Canadian by birth and came to the states when is was in his early 20's. When he was about to cross the border from Vancouver to travel down to California he was informed of the possibility or being drafted. This man was not about to be drafted so he signed up with the Air Force. Oddly enough ended up with a top secret clearance and not even a citizen. I am grateful that this man is by my side each and everyday.

As I am grateful for my brother-in-law, his wonderful father and my father for their contribution to all of our safety and peace of mind.

And to all of our service men and women serving around the world to make our world a better place thank you.

Maybe you would like to say thanks, go to this site

And if you care to pass the site address along to friends and family so they can say thanks too.


Moon said...

Nice post, sister.

Bee said...

Very nice post! What a guy you have there. I'm from a family of military men, none high ranking, but proud to serve neverthelss.

Doodles said...

thanks......nope none of these boys were high ranking, well not within the services at least. Now I'm not sure about Grandpa C. But they are wonderful men.