Thursday, November 01, 2007

We missed Las Vegas

Arriving in Los Angeles at the RV park, sitting around having an adult beverage we think wow what a great time we had in Vegas, the Drag races, going to some of the fine dinning establishments, meeting up with friends, and of course some gambling thrown in to occupy our time.
Casino's, we missed going to the casino and the excitement of losing
and/or winning, which of course we all did.

Sooooooooo after having pizza and a couple a beers we decided to go back to our RV and play some dice. Now let me also mention Mr Doodles does not gamble at all ever, well he gambled on me some thirty seven almost years ago, but that's another time and another blog.

But Mr Doodles likes playing this particular dice game. The four of us sat down to a game of dice and decided to play for $$$. I'm not about to explain the game here because it is a bit complicated to explain. Kinda game ya gotta play a round or three and then DUH!!! I get it. And let me say it is fun with a bit of strategy thrown in. Think that's why Mr Doodles enjoy the game so. We had played before but it was when we were all in Denver together and several months ago, you tend to forget the rules.
So we get thru our first game and I seemed to run away from the pack and WON!!! Woo Hoo!!! And being that the other three had to pay me another game was suggested. Heck yeah I love playing the game, I'm up for a rematch even Mr Doodles said "sure".

I beat the sox off of em again.........woo hahahaa!!! That was fun and I am now $5.85 to the good. You know they are all gonna want another rematch. But reinforcements are arriving next day in the form of sister and brother-in-law. Let's see how they do in this game of dice........stay tuna'd

A side note to post a photo that I took while downtown Las Vegas. The Fremont Experience is just an amazing site but hard to explain. It started a few years ago to attract more folks to come downtown since the Strip was getting all the tourists. Well it worked and it certainly is a fun few minutes to view. Well since the Drag Races were going on they honored that even and with the sound minus the nitro smell. It is quite an honor to be picked to appear on the Fremont
Experience, wonder if they did the PBR professional bull riders, since they were in town at the same time.