Friday, November 23, 2007

don't think I've been slacking

cause I haven't been. I figured out how to cook a turkey breast (almost too large for my teeny oven) with all the trimmings. What a feat that was and I say that with all the smugness I can muster. Use your imagination cause I only took one photo.

But pictured here is the Foster Farms boob I cooked. And I am dead serious when I tell ya it was almost too big for my teeny oven. But roasted Foster Farm boob and all the trimmings were done to perfection even if I do say so myself. Included was my favorite pie........ Pecan from Marie Callender's. I figured if I was doing all the cooking I get to choose the dessert. Attention Mr Doodles, you cook, you can choose the dessert. Oh yeah a dollop of fresh whipped cream on my pie slice, Mr Doodles had a dollop of Cold Stone ice cream in honor of his friend Mr Nutz.

So now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, we all had a good dose of Prilosec, Christmas is coming, you do know that right?!?!? And I must get going..........get a note off to Santa just to let him know that we have re-located to the great SouthWest.

Think I'm gonna go enjoy the wonderful culture here, snap some photo's, so stay tuna'd........

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