Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What ever you do

make it a safe and Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'll give ya a hint

where we will be going after the Holiday not just Arizona, something really special and fun............... and this can be another page in my book cause it is something I never ever thought we would do..............HA!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vintage Christmas

While visiting my dear friend Chris' blog and her wonderful posts on vintage Santa's I got to wondering what the History channel might have on Santa. Well my heavens they are just a wealth of information...........I love the internet and all it's many avenues of information. Go visit Chris' blog to see some of here wonderful art work of long ago Santa's and his many modes of transportation...........I'm such a purist I still like the sleigh idea cause that's what I grew up with I guess. While there look at Santa's robes shown in the pictures some are quite elaborate while others are a bit shabby. I also noticed in many of the depictions I have seen Santa carrying a small tree............guess that means there were no tree lots back then!!!

Feeling a bit patriotic this year what with the wonderful outcome of the election so this is my card to y'all............however you celebrate here's hoping it's with family and friends.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Orange............the new color of GREED!!!

This happens to be copied from a recent Mike Lupica of my favorite writers. I wonder how many more bastards like Madoff are out there?

In a city suddenly lousy with grifters like Bernie Madoff and Marc Dreier, who think they can steal as much as they want in this economy, the old man came from Bay Ridge to the midtown streetcorner that is his office six days a week. He set up his vendor's cart to sell scarves and hats on a cold Sunday in New York.

"I'm a little different than those guys in the papers," the old man, named Don, was saying. "I only try to sell you what you can see."

He's an Army veteran from the 1950s and worked with his MBA in various businesses after the service. But when he tried to retire he couldn't. He missed people and having a job to go to, and then his wife passed away 11 years ago and now he is set up by 8:30 most mornings and stays on his corner until 5.

Read the rest of the column here.

The world needs more folks like Don and less of scumbags like Bernie. Share your stories if you know a person like Don.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winding down...........

Our time here at the Christmas tree lot is winding down. Christmas trees are still finding homes for that special day

Christmas day will be here soon and that means we will be with family in a few days. The gypsy caravan will be packing up and heading to the Desert on Christmas day......have yet to hear but I do believe we'll be celebrating Christmas on the Friday.........that'll keep us out of the malls for those after Christmas bargains, I can tell you honestly I have never done that, nor have I cared to shop the day after Christmas.

Mr Doodles and I would just like to relax, maybe go see a movie of two. Sister and her hunky bunky are spending the weekend, not sure about niece and her sweetums, so we'll have time to tell stories and catch up of all that's been going on in each of our lives since the Pumpkin Patch. We'll be hanging at Grandma M's so I also see some card games on the menu.

Mr Doodles and I wish you the best for the coming year and a very Merry Christmas...........stay tuna'd for what's in the future for the Doodle bunch cause it sure could be FUN and quite different!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Like herding cats.............

at the Christmas tree lot we hire "lot boys" to haul trees around, give them a fresh cut put the stand on if necessary, put the tree in the netter to make it more manageable for the customer to take home, then "lot boy" takes the tree to the customers vehicle and ties said tree to the top of or puts inside.

We are in an area that has great two high schools so the abundance of strapping young men are a plenty.

Day after Thanksgiving we hired some twenty of these "lot boys" between the ages of 18 and 23 with a couple of them a bit older, put them all on a limited schedule of four hours for a few days to try them out. I must also say these "lot boys" make pretty good money, hired at minimum wage and get great tips from the customers.

Mr Doodles was in charge or weeding out the good from the not so good which was quite hard because all twenty some were quite capable with a few of them having past experience. Mr D wittled it down to fourteen "lot boys", a few of which know each other and then a few of them were rivals from different schools...........there lies a bit of the problem.

Rival "lot boys", cocky 20 year olds, I'm better than you are, like I said it's like herding cats trying to keep an eye on them I think the boys are just as catty as girls. Had to have a little chat with a few of them last nite when we closed..........."boys we are way too busy to allow any drama to take place, so cut the CR*P"!!!

On a whole they are good boys, would hire nearly anyone of them back next year but boy do they like to push your buttons...........I'd rather herd cats some days...........stay tuna'd............the weekend is here!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Oh my it sure is..........Christmas trees are flying out of our lot in record numbers.........folks are having Christmas at home with family and friends instead of flying off to ski in far away places or swim with the fishes in the warmer climates.

It is good to see the Christmas spirit in spite of the economy. There is always one or two folks that don't want to spend the $$$ on a tree and gripe and grumble but hey they probably would be doing that even if the economy was at it's best.........I just look at them and wish them a Merry Christmas.

Because of the a fore mentioned problem with the Doodle elves being so busy I may not post for a few days.................and we are having a great time doing this job.

stay tuna'd.................and pray I get a minute to get my Christmas shopping done.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Just in time for the gift giving season

I can honestly say that my sweet hunky husband is generous with his gift giving, well with the exception of our first year of marriage.

Here he comes walking in the front door with a rather large box, in that box was a vacuum cleaner. I gasped I can still see myself, I swear to you I gasped so loud he thought I was thrilled. Oh and he put a big red bow on the box.

Now I know his intentions were good, I accepted the gift lovingly with smiles galore. But much later on this wife informed her sweet hunky husband that gifts like that IMHO are not appropriate, specially when the dang thing wasn't on my wish list.

So the next year shortly after Thanksgiving Mr D and I were discussing holiday plans with family and friends..............first thing that came out of the dear sweet mans mouth was "I know, NO appliances", if nothing else the boy listens.

Stay tuna' giving season is approaching, maybe show your partner this video to give them a genlte hint

Friday, December 05, 2008

I am quite happy

to report.............Mr Doodles QUIT SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cold turkey but with the patch and gum.

He mentioned it a few weeks ago when we were at the Dr's. I didn't bug him about it as I knew that would get me NOWHERE!!! The man has never ever entertained even the idea of quitting so this my friends is a very big step.

Since we are managing this Christmas tree lot being quite busy and with the opportunity of smoking is limited this might just help him kick the habit for good. Healthy for us all and think of the $$$ he'll save.........oooohhhh I see opportunity for more shoes.

So stay tuna'd..............

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dave Barry

I look forward to receiving emails from this crazy guy all the time.............he just makes me laugh.

Originally posted in the Miami Herald November 24, 2008

Why do we give gifts during the holiday season?

We do it for a reason that is as timeless as humanity itself: women. Women have an overpowering biological need to mark pretty much every occasion, including sunset, by wrapping a gift and giving it to somebody, along with a card.

Why do women do this? We put that question to some leading psychologists, who responded: "We think maybe they're insane.''

We would not go as far as leading psychologists. But it is a fact that as the holiday season approaches, women are overpowered by the biological urge to buy bulk quantities of gifts, often without any clear idea whom a specific gift is for.

Men do not do this. A man buys a gift only when he sees a clear and present need, such as he remembers that his wedding anniversary was last week. Otherwise, when a man is in a store, he is looking for practical items. If he happens to pass by, say, a little ceramic statuette of two little smiley-face turtles with ''BEST'' painted on one shell and ''FRIENDS'' painted on the other, he is not going to give it a second glance, because he can't imagine anybody having any use for such a thing except as an emergency substitute for a clay pigeon.

No, a man is going to keep right on walking past the friendship turtles. If he buys something for somebody -- his wife, for example -- it is going to be something he believes she actually needs, such as an extension cord. Maybe, if he is feeling especially romantic, he will get her the 20-footer.

Whereas many women (you know who you are) will buy the turtles, not because they know of anybody who needs friendship turtles, but because the turtles are, quote, ''cute.'' Then the woman will start shopping for a cute card to go with the turtles, or maybe several cards, since she's not sure which specific one of her numerous best friends will be getting them. While she's at it she might buy some cute little scented candles that would go with the turtles, and maybe a few other cute things. By the time she leaves the store, she will have as many as eight gifts for people who have yet to be identified. She may have totally forgotten why she went into the store in the first place (to get an extension cord).

Women start behaving this way early in the holiday season, by which I mean July. So when the actual holidays roll around, they have a massive stockpile of gifts to give out. Pretty much every random individual they come into contact with, including toll-booth attendants, gets one. Their immediate family will be inundated with gifts.

This means their husbands have absolutely no chance of keeping up. Their husbands, who are busy during the holiday season with other responsibilities such as watching the playoffs, have managed to get their wives an average total of one gift, which they wrapped hastily at the last minute, which is why they did not notice that the wrapping paper says ''Happy Birthday!'' Sometimes a husband, trying to make his gift output look larger, will wrap the batteries separately (I have done this).

But his effort will still look pathetic next to the gift avalanche produced by his wife. He will feel like a big holiday dope.

If you're a male, at this point you're nodding like a bobblehead on a jackhammer and saying to yourself, "Is there a solution to this problem?''

There is, and it's right here in your hands: the annual Holiday Gift Guide. This is a list of items that are so unusual that if you give one to your wife, her reaction will be: ''Thank God he did not get me any more.'' And this effect is not limited to your wife: whomever you give a Holiday Gift Guide item to, that person will never want to exchange gifts with you again.

All of the items in the Gift Guide are real products that are being sold in exchange for actual money. We know this because we have purchased all of these items with what little money the newspaper industry has left. Then we subjected the items to our rigorous Quality Assurance Testing Laboratory Procedure, which consists of taking photographs of them without getting too close. This is why we are able to offer you this:

UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY: If you purchase any of these gift items, and at any time during your lifetime you experience any kind of problem whatsoever with the item, simply place it in its original container and place it in a dumpster. We will take it from there.

But enough with the technicalities. Let’s move on to the 2008 Holiday Gift Guide:

Friday, November 28, 2008

They're here!!!

Trees at the Doodles Christmas tree lot that is............WooHoo!!!

That my folks is an 18 wheeler filled with stunning trees.......just wait you'll see.

Each tree is hand drilled so to put it on your stand when getting it home.

Mr Doodles taking off all the twine that wraps the tree when they arrive.

This has got to be one of the prettiest trees on the lot at the moment. Sorry the color is not as good, reason being the tent the trees are under is red and white and the red is making it all orangey YUK!!! I'll figure it out.

There is nothing like the smell of fresh cut trees..............let the season begin.

OK gotta scoot..............another truck just arrived............get ready..........stay tuna'd!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I drank the Kool Aid folks

Prior to becoming lot managers for a Christmas tree lot we have always had real trees with the exception of one year when we had no tree cause we were traveling to be with family. One other time I went crazy and collected big maple branches that had broken off, painted then all green, put them in a pot and hung ornaments on them..............I know what you're thinking.

So some points to ponder when buying your tree for Christmas.

Feel good about buying a REAL tree. Real trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Plantation trees, that's what Christmas tree lots carry, are quickly biodegradable and seedlings are planted in the place of each tree harvested. And don't y'all just love the smell of a fresh cut tree?

Artificial tree are normally made of plastic (petroleum based product) and metal. The creation of artificial trees uses energy and some pollution into the environment during the process. Artificial tree are not biodegradable.
Real Christmas trees are good for the environment AND the economy, and we all know both need help.

Here's a
site for you to check out if you care to read more.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My wonderful family was great enough to change our Thanksgiving feast to accommodate our needs. We celebrated being Thankful this past Saturday.

And our needs are great............because we are now managing a Christmas Tree lot in Southern California........from pumpkins to trees.......what were we thinking........HA!!!

Back to our Thanksgiving family feast...........what a great time we had. The food was abundant as I'm sure you can imagine. But ya know what...........not a stinking picture was taken. So take my word it was a wonderful day, of being with a loving family with no rushing and worrying about the crowd.

Step momma, sister and I did all the precooking and prep work on the Friday. All that needed to be done on the day was pop that sweet bird in the oven..............and we were even somewhat ahead of schedule on that. We amazed ourselves. Plenty of leftovers for those that wanted anything. My sweet sisters pies are to die for tasty..........not unusual for my talented sister. She made my favorite rustic apple pie dealy and our mothers sauce to pour on top.

I scored big time cause I got to take some apple pie home...............and sister sent home a small pumpkin pie for Mr's his favorite..........well that and the whipped cream he piles on top.

So dear friends.............I truly hope your upcoming Thanksgiving feast is as much fun as mine...........wishing a a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Stay tuna'd for Christmas tree stories.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is rather interesting

an article I read on MSNBC

Would this mean that when the good folks in the South have a catastrophe in the frequent weather problems, does that mean the people north of the Mason Dixon Line will rise up and say we aren't paying for their bad weather woes.

I think all people North, South, East and West should be asking those MORONS leaders of the big three auto makers what the hell they have been doing riding on their laurels these past twenty some years oh and their private jets and not listen to the government and the consumer.

Spose Michael Moore was right all those many years ago.........hope he has a bodyguard.

Stay tuna'd........................this could get really ugly..........I sure hope not.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Now this is what

the new President's family needs in the White House.............not that dogs don't provide some comical moments but kittens would be quite humorous for everyone including the Secret Service.

Don't think kittens would be the answer tho because of the allergy problem with one of the small kiddos. For more viewing pleasure pop on over > here. They also have dog photo' have fun!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally found him..........

Y'all know we travel a lot in our RV so having a regular Dr is sorta out of the question. That can make things interesting if you have health issues. My health issues are minor but still an issue.

Well we are in Southern California with family and Mr and I both needed to have our meds refilled. Brother-in-law referred us to his GP. However when I called said Dr was on vacation but I could get an appointment with this other Dr. Sure why not I was a needy patient.

So comes the morning for the 10 a.m. appointment, get in to see the Dr, one hour and a half later we are leaving. Yep he's the Dr I have been looking for many, many years.

Let me tell you just one piece of wisdom he left us with. Dr N said, "my purpose is to educate you and hopefully when you are knowledgeable about preventive care you will be able to live a healthy lifestyle. My main job as your Dr is to keep you out of my office".

Let me also say he was firm and quite direct, nailed both our personalities dead on as well as being compassionate regarding our lifestyle. Quite a feat for someone we have never met. No pandering from this guy him!!!

No matter where we are in our travels Dr N will now be our main physician.............hands down one of the best doctors I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Now this is a tribute

I saw this short article on the NBC Nightly fellow Canadians what a wonderful salute to your fallen heroes.

Read this article and I'm sure you'll be moved also.

Way to go Canada!!!

Bless all of our soldiers on this Veterans Day or Remembrance Day as it is called in Canada.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wall Street

This is a terrific article regarding our President-elect and Wall Street. Unlike the current administration that needs to be muzzled.

Not a bad idea.........we should all stay tuna'd................

Dear Mr President Elect Obama and family

this is a message from Buddy our cat...........

Dear Obama family,

Would you please explain to me why you are considering a dog to live with you in the White House? Is there a reason why you have not considered a cat? We are not near the trouble as a dog, the girls would not have a problem emptying the cat litter box. Not sure they would be able to walk the dog and carry a pooper scooper at all hours of the day..........won't they be in school?

I can't see Mrs Obama doing this and I sure as heck know y'all are not going to have time. Maybe it would be relaxing for you while trying to solve the problems of the world but I doubt it seriously.

Do me a favor Mr Obama, go to this site and see some of the photos of cats of the world and then tell me a cat shouldn't be on y'alls wish list.

I know dogs can be a lot of fun but come on give us felines a chance.

Whatever your choice I respect your decision after all that's why I or actually my human voted for ya.........she thinks your pretty special, me I'll wait till y'all get your new fur baby.

Good Luck

Buddy the cat, a senior member of the Doodles Gypsy Caravan

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Thank you very much

Read this

then you'll know why this election is the most important election you have ever had the pleasure of voting. May also get your BP elevated.

NYTimes article

I have said it before but will repeat that this administration is a bunch a dopes, morons and JACKASSES.

After reading this you may want to send an email to your representatives.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Your vote counts!

If in fact you have not voted to avoid the long lines please don't let the long lines deter you, please vote.......this could be the most important vote of your lifetime.

Sister posted this and I couldn't have said it better.

By Moon

The following is a quote from ABC news blog.

"Obama was not yet in the Senate when Congress voted to authorize the use of force in the fall of 2002. But he spoke out against it as a Senate candidate that year."

Obama came out against the war at the same time, and for the same reasons, I felt it was wrong. We needed strength in Afghanistan, that's where the terrorists were. The witch hunt to Iraq was Cheney, Wolfowitz and the other war criminals. Wolfowitz was the mastermind behind the first Gulf War and for some reason, couldn't wait to go back and finish Iraq off.

Before we went into Iraq someone told me the administration didn't care what or why just wanted to cause unrest in that part of the world. Could it have been that simple? I thought them crazy for that statement but now think they could not have been more right.

So if I only had one reason, I have many more but this one reason--the quote above--is enough for me to desire Obama to be our next president. I hope you will make your voting decision based on the facts; is priceless in a time of indecision.

so stay tuna''s gonna be a long election nite................we'll remember this for a very long time.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Life is never DULL

So I get up this morning throw on my ugly walking clothes, a little change for a newspaper and grab my cell phone. I see as I walk out my door the parking lot covered with trucks, lights and people.

WTH..............they are filming something right in the parking lot of my pumpkin patch. I'm somewhat of a nosy soul, so I forgo the walk and wander over to where the crowd is gathered. There was a catering check there to accommodate the crew, how nice of them to offer me a donut and a coffee

They are filming a scene for the TV show Eli Stone Never heard of it before but I do like one of the actors that's in the series Victor Garber Take a look at his bio and I'll bet you recognize him. He was on set but a fair distance to be able to get a photo.

Might I also add that Julia Roberts wandered into our Pumpkin Patch with children in tow. I would not have recognized her had I had not seen her up close. She wasn't the only celebrity that came in but certainly one that Mr Doodles was sorry he missed.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Winding down

at the Pumpkin Patch............I can honestly tell you that it has been a blast. Who knew that hawking pumpkins would be fun!!! However I did forget how warm it can be in October in Southern California, set a couple of records for warm days. Maybe I forgot how warm it was when I was a kid growing up here HA!!!

Having never done this type of thing before we really had no idea what to expect and as it turned out this gig far exceeded our expectations.

We have a few weeks off before the Christmas trees arrive, so we are gonna do some fun things with sister, brother-in-law and maybe even niece and nephew-in-law.

Stay tuna'd for stories and photos...............

Please have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun day at the Pumpkin Patch

Things are really hopping at the Pumpkin Patch.................folks are starting to buy pumpkins for carving. I am always quick to tell them please don't carve too early cause you'll just have to come back and buy another pumpkin. Boss probably wouldn't like that line ;)

Folks are also beginning to think about table decorations for t
heir many to choose from and such beautiful colors and sizes. Think I'll start thinking about our Thanksgiving table......we'll be celebrating at sisters and there will only be a few of us but a pretty table is always appealing.

Well after this weekend I don't know if I'll have much to choose from..........YOWZER we have been busy.

Had friends and family visit and it was so good to see them all. Nice they live close by.

The Princess in all her Halloween she just the sweetest child!!!

I must share photos of the "Princess" and one of her new friend Ethan.Are they just not the cutest couple............

Friday, October 24, 2008

the woman is outta her league

most of us know that but she is a MORON..........what animal do you see on her very expensive scarf ? Don't look like no elephant to me. And the RNC paid for the majority of her clothes for this campaign.

Listen RNC ask for your $$$ back, the girl just ain't helping y'all one bit.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sister brought me a present

It's a pin and I wear it when not working in the Pumpkin Patch.........I love it!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


You must, I'm begging ya to sequester your cabinet and that includes the guy from the SEC and Bernanke and Paulson Every time these dopes open their mouth the market goes down.

Paulson had no business walking the floor of the NYSE for what, the guy wouldn't answer one question.

There are job loses in 41 states, severe job loses. Schools are asking parents to bring their kids to school because some districts cannot afford fuel for buses.

This will end I'm sure but it will take a long time and a lot of very fine folks are suffering because of a bunch a greedy bastards.

OK I'm thru ranting........sorry!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The art of carving

As the keepers of the Pumpkin Patch, our latest venture here in Southern California, one cannot help but wake with a smile on your face when you step outside to see the orange mass of pumpkins. I have even taken to naming me crazy.

Now you know Mr Doodles is a past business owner, a Boat Captain, talented in remodeling houses and a pretty good driver hauling
us around in the RV time of our life..........but I never knew he could carve a pumpkin. And the reason I'm impressed is that I can't carve a pumpkin........never could........have none talent in that dept. When you have as many pumpkins in your patch as we do and the heat is as warm as it has been here you are bound to have the beginnings of spoilage. Well Mr Doodles decided he would try his hand at carving. Never has he carved a pumpkin before and didn't use a stencil, he looked a pictures and drew freehand. I have a talented husband and I forgot he has an artistic side.

Do yourself a favor head on down to your local pumpkin patch find your desired pumpkin and go home a'll be glad you did!!!

First attempt
always must have an evil pirate

don't ask...............

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Man I miss this guy

Frisbeetarianism is the belief that when you die, your soul goes
up on the roof and gets stuck.
- George Carlin

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Levi Stubbs

Do you know that friends Mr Stubbs was the lead singer of the very famous Four Tops. Mr Stubbs passed away at the age of 72 in Detroit Friday. The Four Tops were inducted into the R & R Hall of Fame in 1990.

Mr Doodles and I have very fond memories of the Four Tops along with The Temptations, also referred to as "The Temps". When we were living in Connecticut many years ago we had the opportunity to see the Four Tops and The Temps not once but twice. The first time was in a smallish venue in Hartford and let me say I do believe we were the only two white folks in the audience. We had terrific seats right up front center and I have never been in an arena that rocked that much. The ground shook, no one sat down during the whole concert. We are of the era of these two groups so we enjoyed that trip down memory lane. They had a surprise walk on guest by Mel Carter...........a definite thrill for me cause he was a fav in my younger days.......such romantic songs he sang.
The two groups did many encore songs as the list of songs were endless. Needless to say a great time was had that nite. A few months later we here that both groups are going to be in New Haven and sure enough good seats were snagged once more.

A little of Motown history has gone because of the passing of the well know Levi Stubbs.............thanks for making so many memories for'll be missed Levi Stubbs.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We woke to

clear blue skies....... not a lot of ash in the air where we are, here's hoping the fire area is under better control...............God bless those firefighters.

Now I must go dust the pumpkins cause they have a lot of ash on them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fire in the Sky on a very Cool nite

Well the temps have warmed up 10 - 15 degrees. Winds are so-so at the moment but the burning embers are still a problem. I have been thru earthquakes in California, wind storms in Arizona and hurricanes in Florida, let me tell ya my friends this is scary.

Our view Monday afternoon..........pretty heavy smoke in this area

a tad unsettling when you see a firetruck in your parking lot waiting just waiting

traffic yesterday on the 101 freeway was unbelievable

now we must go wipe off all the pumpkins cause they are coated with ash

OK must go find the visine for my burning scratchy always stay tuna'd

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Well we have done the most absurd thing we have ever done...........well maybe absurd is a bit strong, how bout crazy............maybe even taken leave of our senses.

We are the managers of a Pumpkin know the place where you go buy
all those pumpkins and gourds and decorations for your porch for Halloween and your holiday table for Thanksgiving.

Excuse me I don't hear you snickering or laughing do I???

We decided what the heck we are gonna be in Southern California with family for the holidays anyway...........why not do something fun. If we weren't doing this I'd be moaning I can't afford to go shopping or sister and I would be cooking and gaining unnecessary poundage. So FUN will be had by the Doodles bunch..............oh and ya know what???...................... they are paying us to do this HaHaHa!!!

These are the most beautiful pumpkins I have ever see.............yes I know they are green but on a holiday table when you do your table scape. They are a beautiful shade of green.............don't quote me I think they are called Fantasia........hey I'm new at this so I'm not up up the pumpkin jargon.

Oh and should I mention this company also has a Christmas Tree lot that needs a manager.................stay tuna'd!!!

To all our Canadian friends

Sunday, October 12, 2008

to the boys in Blue.........

Come on Dodgers you can do this.....

My sister is just the best

How lucky I am so have such a caring and thoughtful dear friend that also is my baby sister. Actually she is my only sibling.

Sister has had quite a lot on her plate lately, a bit of trauma, some health issues and a gathering of many at her home for a baby Christening. Not to mention the Gypsy Caravan of the Doodle bunch arrived at their lovely home.

Go back to the merry month of August when the peaches were in full force in the farmers markets. Sister knows how much I love peach pie so she froze a bunch to make me a pie when we arrived.......gotta love it!!!

this photo does not do justice to this lovely pie

Last nite we enjoyed her wonderful peach pie and we even have some leftover for lunch is good when Doodles has a peach pie.

Thank you sister I love ya bunches!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Our National Debt

The US government's debts have ballooned so badly the National Debt Clock in New York has run out of digits to record the spiraling figure.

Read the rest of the article here

At least the company that makes this piece will have job security for can only hope the unit is not made in China.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Not to be believed.........

that such a rude reference would come out of the mouth of a Presidential candidate. What was this man thinking!!!

from the actual transcript

McCain: I think pure research and development investment on the part of the United States government is certainly appropriate. I think once it gets into productive stages, that we ought to, obviously, turn it over to the private sector. By the way, my friends, I know you grow a little weary with this back-and-forth. It was an energy bill on the floor of the Senate loaded down with goodies, billions for the oil companies, and it was sponsored by Bush and Cheney. You know who voted for it? You might never know. That one. You know who voted against it? Me. I have fought time after time against these pork barrel -- these bills that come to the floor and they have all kinds of goodies and all kinds of things in them for everybody and they buy off the votes.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Do me a favor

if you haven't already go to this link for the Pickens it.....tell your friends......lots of excellent information on this site. A place where you can contact all your reps in Washington.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

If you haven't already


Register to vote and help spread the word or please send this along to a friend that might not be registered.

Y'all need a smile

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Interesting quote

Voting is like driving.......To go backward, put in in R. To go forward, put it in D. (author unknown)

Monday, September 29, 2008

OK enough already...........

this is no longer about saving Wall Street this is about saving the general public.

I don't care if tomorrow is a holiday or the second coming of Christ..........I just wrote every Senator and Congressman in my voting district as well as Obama, McCain and Pelosi. I asked them to get to work and move forward. These people cannot sit in Washington while folks around the country are going to fail.

This is making me very, very grumpy and I'm not liking this feeling one dang bit.

If this wasn't so very would be hysterically funny..........they are gonna make a situation comedy TV show about this I can see it now.............Lordy!!!

All the people in Washington are a huge embarrassment and what I am feeling that not one of them understands or smart enough to understand the magnitude of this problem.

Politics aside folks get it done........stop pointing fingers!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mesa Verde and the trip South

of course the vistas were spectacular

Thanks to our dear friend Mrs PJS she suggested the route we take when we left Gunnison. I had mentioned that I wanted to see Mesa Verde. We thought of going thru Durango but that was changed as the roads are scenic but quite twisty........uncomfortable when dragging an RV. Altitude is OK we done high altitude but twist just ain't fun. They say Mesa Verde is the best of the Southwest.........don't know about that but it sure is spectacular scenery. Located just on the edge of Cortez Colorado we had only to go a short nine miles to enter the Park. Once inside the park gate you begin the climb and twisty roads.....whoa......for someone who is not good with heights I must say Mr Doodles did quite well. Now you say why didn't you drive........nope he needed to feel the control and when someone else is driving you get a feeling of terror. So not wanting my bunky to get that feeling I let him drive up and back........bless his sweet little heart.
could you live here.........make your sandals out of yucca leaves.......go look for a goat to make your dress for that special evening out.............and baskets............. the baskets you make are to die for..............we saw those tucked away in their museum on site.

they had nice trees for the next photo you can see a flat roof..........they grew a lot of crops up there...............squash was a favorite.

this is not your average Holiday Inn

on the trip down we saw some baby wildlife

Always wanted to go to Mesa Verde and I thank Mr Doodles for enduring the drive. Rest of the trip is on flat land. We should hit the border of California today...............stay tuna'd

Buddy got a brand new Bag

After fourteen years in the same carrier for Buddy the Cat, it was beginning to show it's wear and tear. So a new bag was ordered after many hours of looking on line. Wow the prices were all over the place and I must also say the Buddy would not be the kind of cat to be transported in a pink bag. Found this sweet soft sided bag on Amazon at a reasonable price and to say that he likes it is a understatement. While driving he even stays inside with it's plush red carpeting.

Buddy is enjoying his ride as we are headed south west to the home of sister in California. Gonna take a couple of side trips on the way. One we already took was to visit the Mesa Verde in Cortez, Colorado near the Four Corners of Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Arizona. It's amazing to go from beautiful lush landscape of Aspens and Spruce to desolate not so pretty landscape it quite unbelievable. As Often as I see the landscape change it is still something that I just watch in awe.

Went thru the Painted Desert and the wind was blowing the sand around so much photos were not good..........but with the sun shinning it was quite pink in some areas.

OK when I'll soon get the photos together of the sites and scenes to post...........stay tuna'd

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Head em up - move em out.........

Grace (the RV) and Louie (the sweet truck) that is and the Doodle bunch are on the road again. Ya hear Willie Nelson singing that tune "on the road again"......I always do when we pack up.

We are leaving the beautiful community of Gunnison, Colorado and this loverly RV park where we have thoroughly enjoyed our time thanks to P & S. Plus all the nice folks that spend their summer here...........most of them were quite enjoyable.

So we are headed south to spend time with sister and brother-in-law, family and friends before our next adventure..................stay tuna'd

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Aspen

some leaves are beginning to turn

some are even beginning to fall

they are tall, beautiful stately trees

you can see here a bit of the golden color they turn when a bit of frost this morning...........eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww!!!

these are choke cherry bushes.....bears love em and my grandma used to make choke cherry jelly from these little guys. had to have a lot of them cause they are quite small.

see that pretty red oak leaf............ that belongs to a tree growing quite low to the ground called a scrub oak......they to are begging to change colors. Cannot imagine what this area will look like in a couple a weeks.

Well we won't know because we are leaving in a week and heading south. We are sure to see some color along the way, especially when we get to the four corners.

stay tuna'd...................

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not at all political

A friend over on another forum I visit posted this article . I feel it is an important read, granted it was written in 2004. I have not seen or heard of the movie but I would like to.............think I might go search on Amazon.................thanks Ellen.

Just remember to vote and please make sure your friends vote. I'm feeling this is probably the very most important election for our time.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Well we finally made the trip and I can tell you it certainly was worth waiting for. The reason we waited was the crowds.........fewer visitors this time of the year.

The day started out wind free and
crystal clear blue skies...........was hoping for a few clouds cause it makes for better photos.........but I'm not complaining. The trip was lovely. Black Canyon of the Gunnison is just other word to describe this place. We took the Morrow Point Boat Tour. The walk down to meet the boat was 232 vertical steps and a three quarter mile hike.............that was fun...........and remember when getting off the boat you must walk back up the steps. Just make sure you have plenty of water...........and a camera. Park Ranger Norm and boat Captain Orville gave us a wonderful trip and provided great insite to the area with a super history lesson all accomplished in a couple of hours.

The photos posted below were all taken by Mr Doodles with the exception of the Big Horn Sheep...........which were all females by the way.........or very young babies that were probably born in the Spring.

earlier in the spring they said this waterfall was quite large cause of all
that white stuff they had in the winter

cute little white butts on these guys

don't know if you can see the tracking collar on the larger animal