Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vintage Christmas

While visiting my dear friend Chris' blog and her wonderful posts on vintage Santa's I got to wondering what the History channel might have on Santa. Well my heavens they are just a wealth of information...........I love the internet and all it's many avenues of information. Go visit Chris' blog to see some of here wonderful art work of long ago Santa's and his many modes of transportation...........I'm such a purist I still like the sleigh idea cause that's what I grew up with I guess. While there look at Santa's robes shown in the pictures some are quite elaborate while others are a bit shabby. I also noticed in many of the depictions I have seen Santa carrying a small tree............guess that means there were no tree lots back then!!!

Feeling a bit patriotic this year what with the wonderful outcome of the election so this is my card to y'all............however you celebrate here's hoping it's with family and friends.

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