Saturday, December 06, 2008

Just in time for the gift giving season

I can honestly say that my sweet hunky husband is generous with his gift giving, well with the exception of our first year of marriage.

Here he comes walking in the front door with a rather large box, in that box was a vacuum cleaner. I gasped I can still see myself, I swear to you I gasped so loud he thought I was thrilled. Oh and he put a big red bow on the box.

Now I know his intentions were good, I accepted the gift lovingly with smiles galore. But much later on this wife informed her sweet hunky husband that gifts like that IMHO are not appropriate, specially when the dang thing wasn't on my wish list.

So the next year shortly after Thanksgiving Mr D and I were discussing holiday plans with family and friends..............first thing that came out of the dear sweet mans mouth was "I know, NO appliances", if nothing else the boy listens.

Stay tuna' giving season is approaching, maybe show your partner this video to give them a genlte hint

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Bee said...

Been there and done that! Exactly. In his defense, he said he heard me say that I wanted one like that. I explained that yes, I did want one. But NOT FOR CHRISTMAS!

6 days later, for our first anniversary I got a pretty little necklace. The boy's a fast learner.