Monday, December 22, 2008

Orange............the new color of GREED!!!

This happens to be copied from a recent Mike Lupica of my favorite writers. I wonder how many more bastards like Madoff are out there?

In a city suddenly lousy with grifters like Bernie Madoff and Marc Dreier, who think they can steal as much as they want in this economy, the old man came from Bay Ridge to the midtown streetcorner that is his office six days a week. He set up his vendor's cart to sell scarves and hats on a cold Sunday in New York.

"I'm a little different than those guys in the papers," the old man, named Don, was saying. "I only try to sell you what you can see."

He's an Army veteran from the 1950s and worked with his MBA in various businesses after the service. But when he tried to retire he couldn't. He missed people and having a job to go to, and then his wife passed away 11 years ago and now he is set up by 8:30 most mornings and stays on his corner until 5.

Read the rest of the column here.

The world needs more folks like Don and less of scumbags like Bernie. Share your stories if you know a person like Don.

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