Friday, December 05, 2008

I am quite happy

to report.............Mr Doodles QUIT SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cold turkey but with the patch and gum.

He mentioned it a few weeks ago when we were at the Dr's. I didn't bug him about it as I knew that would get me NOWHERE!!! The man has never ever entertained even the idea of quitting so this my friends is a very big step.

Since we are managing this Christmas tree lot being quite busy and with the opportunity of smoking is limited this might just help him kick the habit for good. Healthy for us all and think of the $$$ he'll save.........oooohhhh I see opportunity for more shoes.

So stay tuna'd..............


Bee said...

Congratulations, Mr. Doodles! That's just wonderful.

ashpags said...

That's so awesome! Go Mr. Doodles go! My dad did the same thing over 20 years ago, and didn't look back. Good luck! =)