Saturday, December 13, 2008

Like herding cats.............

at the Christmas tree lot we hire "lot boys" to haul trees around, give them a fresh cut put the stand on if necessary, put the tree in the netter to make it more manageable for the customer to take home, then "lot boy" takes the tree to the customers vehicle and ties said tree to the top of or puts inside.

We are in an area that has great two high schools so the abundance of strapping young men are a plenty.

Day after Thanksgiving we hired some twenty of these "lot boys" between the ages of 18 and 23 with a couple of them a bit older, put them all on a limited schedule of four hours for a few days to try them out. I must also say these "lot boys" make pretty good money, hired at minimum wage and get great tips from the customers.

Mr Doodles was in charge or weeding out the good from the not so good which was quite hard because all twenty some were quite capable with a few of them having past experience. Mr D wittled it down to fourteen "lot boys", a few of which know each other and then a few of them were rivals from different schools...........there lies a bit of the problem.

Rival "lot boys", cocky 20 year olds, I'm better than you are, like I said it's like herding cats trying to keep an eye on them I think the boys are just as catty as girls. Had to have a little chat with a few of them last nite when we closed..........."boys we are way too busy to allow any drama to take place, so cut the CR*P"!!!

On a whole they are good boys, would hire nearly anyone of them back next year but boy do they like to push your buttons...........I'd rather herd cats some days...........stay tuna'd............the weekend is here!!!

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