Tuesday, July 31, 2012

newest piece

DSC04303 by barbjwhitla
Mr has attempted a  new piece...........
                  I kinda like them.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

clouds doing photoshop

IMG_1118 by barbjwhitla

it appears that the wispy cloud just barely visible on the right was trying to brighten the sky.

Monday, July 23, 2012

2012 Olympics

The Olympics are just around the corner.  I love the Olympics.  Winter or Summer.  Doesn’t matter. Thank heavens for my DVR.  I think why I enjoy the Olympics so much is the athletes dedication.

We were watching the diving trials and the synchronized women’s team advanced to become Olympians by just a few tenths of a second.  Good heavens these young girls have worked for four years to get to that point and to be denied a seat on the plane because of  a lousy three tenths.  I have never competed so I cannot even imagine the feeling.

A couple a months ago we were in a beachside seafood joint.  We had just been seated when about twenty folks wandered in luckily they had called ahead.  They needed a couple of extra chairs so we offered them our extra chairs.  Two and a half hours and a couple of really good margaritas later we became fast friends.  

Come to find out they were judges at the Olympic Gymnastic trials.  Several of them were also going to London.  Several of them  had been coaches.  Some of them were even gymnasts themselves in their younger years.

By asking one question of the head judge we got an incredible education on the way the teams as well as the individuals are judged.

What a great bunch of folks they were and when we watch the gymnasts compete we will think back to that nite and remember how difficult it is for the judges.  They did tell us in a whisper "look out for a young lady by the name of Gabrielle".

 Good Luck to  Team USA!!