Friday, April 30, 2010

"Every A$$BUTT who ever chanted 'Drill baby drill' should have to report to the Gulf coast today for cleanup duty," - Bill Maher.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh my................

There is some white schtuff in our future and to find our mittens. And make some comfort food. And yes I'll share pictures.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bogey has visitors

Bogey was quite fascinated.
They still have their furry coats.
This was taken out of the window so quality not that great

There were at least eight of these little guys.
See those big ears their hearing is quite acute.

Monday, April 19, 2010

April showers

brings snow showers.............HOLY CRAP!!!

Well here we are stuck in the PODUNK town of Indian Springs Nevada.  That's podunk with a capital P.

There is one thing that entertains Mr Doodles..............that would be Creech Air Force Base  which is a part of the very famous Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas.  They test the Predator here as well as train the Thunderbirds.  Those Thunderbirds are out on tour but there are some like planes up there buzzing around.  And Mr has taken a couple a snaps of the (drone)  Predator.

There are snow showers in our future with lows of 32*ish.  Oh and high wind advisory for the next few days.

So we have changed our route totally.  That post I did with the route and then talking about going thru Tonopah, star gazing capital of the world, then on to Winemmucca........not gonna happen friends.  We'll see all those wonderful places in the fall.

I should not complain one bit because the three years we have been on this journey we have been so very lucky with weather conditions..................but
for now we are here.............definitely

Sunday, April 18, 2010


one side

the other side

on the walking stick

Think of it as a napkin ring shape...................I really like it.

Good job Mr!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taking our time

As sister likes to refer to us as the Gypsy Caravan, we are ready to head North.  Well north as far as Southern Colorado.  Just saw an article that says Colorado and Kansas are having the worst pollen in the country.  Excuse me you mean worse than my friends in the Carolina's?  Worse than last year..........yikes!!

Maybe we'll be taking our time given the yukky pollen situation.  Must show you our long but quite different travels.   Some of the places we have yet to visit.  I know imagine that.  I have been yakking to Mr about seeing what the rave is all about when folks talk about Winnemucca, Nevada.  So that is one of the stops.

you can click on the photo to enlarge
Should be pulling out of here around the 15th of April.  First stop Lake Havasu, AZ, been there and know there is a sweet little English Pub right there on the London Bridge. >>>>>>>>>>>

Taking US highway 95 and no it's not that far, bout 100 miles or so.  However the desert is in bloom and that means photo ops for the passenger, me!!  I'll be saying, pull over Mr , can ya stop please,  every few miles.   Mr is such a patient man.   So we decided that Yuma to Havasu would be long enough.  Plus there are some good lunch stops along the way.

The next day we'll motor on up to Bullhead City, AZ then zip across over to Laughlin, Nevada.  Another 100 mile or so trip.  Heard there was a casino there.

After Laughlin, still traveling on US highway 95 we'll head east, sorta.  Thru Vegas, yep buzz thru Vegas.  Still on Highway 95 we'll be on the edge of Death Valley.  Next stop Indian Springs, Nevada.  We'll be reaching a bit of elevation and with that cooler temps.  Here's hoping for no spring snowfall.

click on me to enlarge

So we all know the Internet is a remarkable tool.  I would never be able to keep up with y'all if I had to do it by notes and phone calls.  But I found something even more remarkable Google has a distance map you can use.  There are some pretty smart folks over at Google.  I hope they know that our lives have been changed by their many programs.  Find it here, Mr says it's right on when it comes to mileage.  Don't ask, he knows things like that.

One more thing, young kitten Bogey has yet to travel any long distances, so here's hoping he will be a good traveler. 
 More to come...............

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I am in AWE

Dear Mr Doodles,

It is said that families that bead together
stay together.
You never cease to amaze me.  I've recently taken up beading. I love it, it's creative, relaxing and easy.  I'm not proficient but I'll get there like anything else it takes time.  Now you Mr Doodles are tackling something I have and never will have patience doing.  You have taken up peyote beading. 

It's all because we went to that Pow Wow and you saw the Indian beading on the walking stick.  I had to open my big mouth and say how cool that was and now you think you can do this.

Well it turns out you can and I am damned impressed.  Mr D you have hidden creative talents that I never knew existed.

 Turns out you have a helper.

For the finished product

Sunday, April 04, 2010

More about the great week

if ya look real close you can see a tad bit of the Colorado River.

Sister posted on her blog, without photos cause of technical circumstances.  Dontcha hate it when that happens.

So go read her blog here and I'll post a few more pics.  Oh if your interested NO there is not a photo of the 4 ft snake!!!  Ya know we had just finished watching the new Life series on Discovery Channel.  That particular segment had  reptiles and amphibians......eeeewwwwwwwwww!!  And then someone had to tell us about a 4 ft rattler their dog had chased away.  Scuse did ya happen to see which way the damn rattler went??  edited to add...............we never saw the damn snake!!!

Sorry to say Sister had to have a dream about those reptiles. 

A few nites it was nice enough and not too windy to have a fire.

Saw of few of these funny little creatures................warning don't get too close wild burros can give ya a world a hurt in one kick.

cute huh!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

A terrific week

sister, bro-in-law and their sweet pup Buddy

I'm sad but have some wonderful memories of sweet sister and her dearly beloved during their visit.

We did a lot  but not that much where we couldn't hang out play a gome of cards, take a walk or sit around the fire at nite and roast a marshmallow or three.  By the way sweet sister beat the socks off me in the card playing department.  Dang couldn't catch a break!!

We even got some antiquing done one day.  Each purchased a much wanted/sought after 8" Pyrex pie plate.  They don't make those babies any more so we were both cited to make  the purchase.

We traveled to the old silver mine, Castle Dome.

Wandered out to the Colorado River, that's BIL viewing.

Had a great lunch at my favorite joint

Saw a few blooms on the desert.

Went to see the Yuma Jail and the QuarterMaster Depot.  Did ya see the movie 310 to Yuma?  This was the jail they were to deposit Russel Crowe.

We topped off the week with some flying, not by us but by some very talented folks at the Marine Corp Air Station Air Show here in Yuma.