Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I have done a bit of reading on this subject but not

nearly enough, but more than most Americans I am presuming. I would hope that Congress will find middle ground thatwould include an amnesty program for a substantial portion of illegal immigrants. It would be impossible and cruel, as well as detrimental to the U.S. economy to round up and deport an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants.
Some intolerant Americans might find comfort in simple math. The U.S. population will soon exceed 300 million. If in fact there are 12 million illegal immigrants here, that means only one in 25 persons (approx) in America that are undocumented -- and many of those here illegally are energetic, industrious people who are assets to their communities. Many are good, hard-working people with the potential to become solid U.S. citizens.

I have this very strange feeling that the White House is standing in the shadows hoping and praying this issue will take the heat off of them and the war in Iraq.......a diversion of sorts.

Read about his further in the link my sister posted earlier this week.
"March 25 Coalition Against HR4437"

This is gonna be a long three years..........stay tuna'd

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Oh My God.........even

Norm stayed up to watch the end of the game. And twice I caught him pacing a bit. Now he knows hockey cause he be a Canadian but not too up on basketball especially NCAA. I told him all you need to know is on the internet so he went to go brush up. Trust me neither of us are experts and know plays like my niece and her husband but we were really in to the game.
Bruins in a gutwrenching first half...........we were very proud to see the boys of Westwood going to play with the babies of Baton Rouge. I was also very pleased to see the great Bill Walton cheering along with the other fans..........way to go "big red".

See y'all in Indianapolis and don't forget stay tuna'd

Thursday, March 23, 2006

a Rock Star he is NOT........

Dick Cheney...............................ya gotta read this...if you were in as much hot water as the veep wanted ya wanna be a tad more humble. Probably not huh ~~~~~~arrogant bastards!!!
What do ya spose is on Rummy's "suite demands"?

stay tuna'd

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

DON'T BUY DOMINO'S PIZZA...............

someone please buy our house to get us out of this crazy ass state..............
New Florida town would restrict abortion

And I just heard that the dopey presidents brother Jeb ,who just so happens to be Governor of this whacked state. This idiot is suggesting that high school freshmen should be required to state a major when entering.High School for god you think about it how many highschool freshmen know what they wanna be when they grow up. Couldn't Jeb just concentrate on protecting us from hurricanes here in this god forsaken state - cause trust me that is the only thing that he has excelled in so far.

stay tuna'd..............................

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

and the reason I watch Imus is..........

because Imus has some interesting guests on his show. I don't listen because he is not on a radio station in our area.

And I feel lucky to have caught his show this morning becasue Tim Russert, host of Meet the Press, was a guest. Now go to their web site and read the bull shit that General Casey was flinging around.

The following is from that show this a.m....................Imus talking to Tim Russert

Imus: "You would think that I would get what you do having had you on the program hundreds of times and knowing you for years, and actually you had to explain to me that what you do, you get these people on the program, on Meet the Press, you get them on the record as you explained to me or we were talking about the Mary Matalin deal, get them on the record and then as is the case with General Casey, he was on the record last March and then he comes back and man it's tough. So you've got to have patience to be willing to do that but obviously you do, not to try to get anybody but it certainly is holding these people accountable. I kind of felt bad for the guy because he is in a tough position because I was talking to Evan Thomas about it earlier, you know he has got to walk a fine line there but it is what it is as Mr. Rumsfeld says."

Tim Russert, NBC News: "Well you know, there's really no alternative. There are a lot of people on the far right or the far left who want someone in my situation to yell and scream or lean over and choke somebody or slap them around and a lot of histrionics but you really don't achieve anything because you make your guest immediately sympathetic, and I much prefer just to try to steady as you go, draw people out. E.J. Dionne wrote a piece recently, where he said that the most important artifact from the pre-war debate about Iraq is not a secret document. It's a very public document, it's a transcript of Meet The Press the Sunday before the war, and I happen to have Vice President Cheney on, and there's about a seven or eight minute segment in the middle of that interview, where it goes something like this. The Vice President says, 'We will be greeted as liberators.' And I said, 'Mr. Vice President, what if you're wrong, what if we're not, what if there's a long, protracted bloody insurrection?' And he said, 'Well that won't happen.' And then I talked about troop levels and Gen. Shinsecki suggested it may take hundreds of thousands of troops for years to come, and the Vice President and his judgment at that time, before the war said, 'That will not happen.' I said, 'Larry Lindsey, one of the President's aides had some say been dismissed because he had suggested the war could cost two-hundred billion dollars, it's now over three-hundred fifty billion. I think forth and most important question is, that what if the Sunnis and Shiites and Kurds don't come together and unify in one country and they break off into militias and other segments? And again that would not happen. Those were judgments and there was no way at that time to say, 'You're wrong. How could you possibly say that? You're lying.' That's just not the style of Meet The Press, nor I think the style of good journalism, but we now have a permanent record as to the judgments believed by the Bush administration going into the war and you can look at them three years later and decide whether they were correct or not."


Imus: "Back at what you said a couple of minutes ago that the Iraqis being willing to demonstrate that they are prepared to fight and die for their country. We don't have any evidence of that do we?"

NBC's Tim Russert: "Well that is, boy, that is the question. That is the question and General Casey and others will say yes we do. They are stepping up, we're seeing it, they are leading the exercises, they are leading the Operation Swarmer and so forth. Others are saying that is not the case, that the militias, the Sunni militia, the Shiite militia are stronger than the army. There is no national government as such , there is therefore no national army as such and that is why we have a civil war. That is the question. If you knew the answer to that Don then you understand where this country is going and I think we will know by the end of this year. Boy it is a tough one. It's a tough one."
Imus: "I mean, you just look ahead and no matter how they get out, no matter how we get out, no matter how it's resolved, a year from now or whenever, it's going to be a mess and we have the President yesterday in Cleveland saying that we are prepared to use force to defend Israel against Iran."
Russert: "Cleveland is an interesting city as you know and it was fascinating watching that thing because it's Midwest nice. People are very civil, very polite."
Imus: "You may remember you went to college there."
Russert: "I sure did...and law school. People stood up and asked the President of the United States very direct questions and that was such a measurement as to what is going on in the country. I cannot get off a plane, walk down the street, go to a church, go to a store without people wanting to talk about this and the interesting thing for me is normally when I grab a politician and off the record say, listen, what do you think? What should we do about social security or what would you do about this or what do you really think in your gut? And when you ask about Iraq they just have a look and they will say I have no idea. No one knows what to do. And everyone knows that the status quo is not going to be acceptable to the American people and so we wait, we wait and hope that the Iraqis will step up, but boy it's hard."

Do the people in this administration really believe we are all stupid. This has and must stop for god sake.
But that is extremely unlikely when the politicians are asked what to do and they have no idea. What have we allowed to happen and can this be repaired with out the loss of more life.

Maybe I should wander over to the CBS site and read the transcript of the Face the Nation, Bob Scheiffer interview with Vice President Cheney - he must of given some in site that we just have all missed.

I'm going now to write more complaints to Congress.......because I'm pissed and they're stupid.

or better yet go to my sisters blog and see what you can do..................she has some pretty cool links posted.

stay tuna'd.......................................

Thursday, March 16, 2006

and my birthday week long celebration con~tin~ues!!!

First off let me say...........GOOD LUCK TO THE UCLA Bruins basketball as they play in the first round of the NCAA tournament aka March Madness........

Last nite we went to see The Pipes, Drums and Highland Dancers of the Black Watch AND the Band of the Welsh Guards. Welsh guards are the guys that guard the Queen yep of England. I know, I know your saying a bunch a rat – a – tat – tatters……and droning honking noises, but you would be wrong. What we saw was a group of young men and one woman (she is a member of the Welsh Guard) that are talented as well as very dedicated. The Black Watch continues to serve as a fully operational battalion in the modern British Army. We were fortunate enough to be able to speak with several members of the group. Prior to the performance. And ya know I don’t know a stranger so got many of there life histories. Last nite they performed in Sarasota. With only two more performances on this tour. So the boys were a bit weary as they have been all over the country since the beginning of the year. One thing that they shared in the conversation was their two tour of duties in Iraq. One young man was telling us about how they accompanied the US Marines in to Bagdad in 2003. They even piped some of the troops in. Can you imagine the astonishment of Saddam Hussein if he would have heard that.

Their next performance, after a day off in Clearwater which is loaded with spring breakers, is to be in Naples. They had a lot of questions about that area and what they could do there. Funny thing was one guy asked about where to eat~~~~~~~~~~~~go figure. So we sent them to Cracklin Jacks, the place I wrote about in our food blog .
And of course we had to have a meal prior to the performance so we found our way to a wonderful Mexican Market/ Taqueria..........nope no web site but terrific food.

So if you are interested in learning more about this wonderful group of young men clicky here >>>>>>>>>

and needless to say we purchased the CD, even got several of the members including the Pipe Major to autograph the cover. The combination of the two bands playing together on stage was something I will long remember.

Monday, March 13, 2006

one more thing.............

how is it that when we went to bed last nite we had to turn on the A/ sister called the morning and they had frost on their frickin roof. I'm in Florida and she is in Southern California.

There is something wrong with this scenario and I am concerned it's March for god sake.

I'm gonna go do some vestigatin on this subject of global warming. stay tuna'd.............

a new rendition of Happy Birthday to me.............

OK so here it is Sunday March 12, my birthday, and how do I wake up??? Well it certainly wasn't an off key chorus of the birthday song, but to the drumming of this maniac...........pesky critter !!!! Unreal, banging his beak on the metal eaves of the house just outside our bedroom window. Bolted me straight outta bed that's for sure. And ya know what is interesting why do they do their drumming in the early a.m.? Looking for those sleepy buggo's probably.
Let me say it sure scared the bejesus outta this old broad that's fer sure.

I'm sure there is a repeat perfomance in the little darlin ~~~~ stay tuna'd

almost forgot to mention YEAH BRUINS!!!!!

I will leave the more technical posting of this tournament to my neice.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I LOVE Spring........

Aaahhhhh.......... Daffodils the courier’s of spring!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


and then tell me............what didn't he know and when didn't he know it!!!

This could also hold true for the Katrina debacle!!!

stay tuna'd............................or maybe not

Saturday, March 04, 2006

a food blog..........we three have a food blog!!!

My sister...

my niece....

and me have a food blog.........................

why pray tell do we have a food blog................cause we are loooony and we like to eat!!!

go visit sometime

and still stay tuna'd

Friday, March 03, 2006

An odd trip to the Dr's office

This is an email I sent to my dear Aunt who is also my Godmomma.........

What I forgot to tell you was this...........I'm at the Dr's office this a.m. for a follow up visit of sorts and he decides I am past due for some blood work so he takes me to his checkout gal to make me an appointment which we take care of and in the conversation I tell her that we are selling our house and leaving the area but that, boo hoo, we haven't had much luck. Here comes the kicker - she says "may I ask you a question?" thinking she is going to ask me to kindly sell her our lovely home har har, question continues " are you Catholic?" well sort of I reply. She goes on to tell me about her friend who buries a St Joseph in her yard 8 - 10 weeks ago and next month she is closing on her house. "You might want to try that, she says". Mam, St Joe has been buried in my yard for about the same amount of time with no luck yet. "Well she says maybe you aren't a strong enough believer".Holy crap and oh my god I get in the car come home and immediately write you to ask, plead, whatever to get the gold rosary going cause I'm not doing my part.

Dear GC,
Perk up! Go with your original attitude! It WILL happen. You might try St. Jude who handles what you feel are hopeless causes, I hesitate to mention that this may be in that category.

Now this is very good advice coming from a very good Catholic, which my Aunt is. Let us all pray/hope she is right.

But let me tell you that it is rather disheartening to be told that I am not a strong enough believer..........poop.

stay tuna'd

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

have ya ever looked at motorhomes or 5th wheels

some people call those 5th wheel trailers 5'vers.........oh lord I am just not into the lingo ROFLMAO

Well the reason we have looked at the above mentioned steel and fiberglass behemouths is that once we sell this frickin house, with the help of St Joseph, we are getting a 5'ver
And to pull that thing dear husband has chosen what he likes to refer to as a "big ass truck" !!! Oh of course it's gotta be diesel and a Ford and top of the line 4 door. Hey why not it's DH that is going to be doing the driving ~ let him be comfortable.

So here we are going to look at these things and you would not belive the variety that is out there. The photo is the one we will probably get.............37 ft. 3 slides, which means when parked, the trailer grows to make room for 2 adults and a cat. But let me say something has got to be done about that paint job......that is butt ugly and has blue icky graphics.

So once we sell the house, St Joseph's seems to be falling down on the job, but maybe we can get him kicked into high gear cause March is his month. And while we are waiting for a buyer for the house Norm is designing and building on paper the next house. That's another story.

stay tuna'd...............