Wednesday, March 01, 2006

have ya ever looked at motorhomes or 5th wheels

some people call those 5th wheel trailers 5'vers.........oh lord I am just not into the lingo ROFLMAO

Well the reason we have looked at the above mentioned steel and fiberglass behemouths is that once we sell this frickin house, with the help of St Joseph, we are getting a 5'ver
And to pull that thing dear husband has chosen what he likes to refer to as a "big ass truck" !!! Oh of course it's gotta be diesel and a Ford and top of the line 4 door. Hey why not it's DH that is going to be doing the driving ~ let him be comfortable.

So here we are going to look at these things and you would not belive the variety that is out there. The photo is the one we will probably get.............37 ft. 3 slides, which means when parked, the trailer grows to make room for 2 adults and a cat. But let me say something has got to be done about that paint job......that is butt ugly and has blue icky graphics.

So once we sell the house, St Joseph's seems to be falling down on the job, but maybe we can get him kicked into high gear cause March is his month. And while we are waiting for a buyer for the house Norm is designing and building on paper the next house. That's another story.

stay tuna'd...............

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