Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I have done a bit of reading on this subject but not

nearly enough, but more than most Americans I am presuming. I would hope that Congress will find middle ground thatwould include an amnesty program for a substantial portion of illegal immigrants. It would be impossible and cruel, as well as detrimental to the U.S. economy to round up and deport an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants.
Some intolerant Americans might find comfort in simple math. The U.S. population will soon exceed 300 million. If in fact there are 12 million illegal immigrants here, that means only one in 25 persons (approx) in America that are undocumented -- and many of those here illegally are energetic, industrious people who are assets to their communities. Many are good, hard-working people with the potential to become solid U.S. citizens.

I have this very strange feeling that the White House is standing in the shadows hoping and praying this issue will take the heat off of them and the war in Iraq.......a diversion of sorts.

Read about his further in the link my sister posted earlier this week.
"March 25 Coalition Against HR4437"

This is gonna be a long three years..........stay tuna'd

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