Friday, March 03, 2006

An odd trip to the Dr's office

This is an email I sent to my dear Aunt who is also my Godmomma.........

What I forgot to tell you was this...........I'm at the Dr's office this a.m. for a follow up visit of sorts and he decides I am past due for some blood work so he takes me to his checkout gal to make me an appointment which we take care of and in the conversation I tell her that we are selling our house and leaving the area but that, boo hoo, we haven't had much luck. Here comes the kicker - she says "may I ask you a question?" thinking she is going to ask me to kindly sell her our lovely home har har, question continues " are you Catholic?" well sort of I reply. She goes on to tell me about her friend who buries a St Joseph in her yard 8 - 10 weeks ago and next month she is closing on her house. "You might want to try that, she says". Mam, St Joe has been buried in my yard for about the same amount of time with no luck yet. "Well she says maybe you aren't a strong enough believer".Holy crap and oh my god I get in the car come home and immediately write you to ask, plead, whatever to get the gold rosary going cause I'm not doing my part.

Dear GC,
Perk up! Go with your original attitude! It WILL happen. You might try St. Jude who handles what you feel are hopeless causes, I hesitate to mention that this may be in that category.

Now this is very good advice coming from a very good Catholic, which my Aunt is. Let us all pray/hope she is right.

But let me tell you that it is rather disheartening to be told that I am not a strong enough believer..........poop.

stay tuna'd

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