Monday, March 13, 2006

a new rendition of Happy Birthday to me.............

OK so here it is Sunday March 12, my birthday, and how do I wake up??? Well it certainly wasn't an off key chorus of the birthday song, but to the drumming of this maniac...........pesky critter !!!! Unreal, banging his beak on the metal eaves of the house just outside our bedroom window. Bolted me straight outta bed that's for sure. And ya know what is interesting why do they do their drumming in the early a.m.? Looking for those sleepy buggo's probably.
Let me say it sure scared the bejesus outta this old broad that's fer sure.

I'm sure there is a repeat perfomance in the little darlin ~~~~ stay tuna'd

almost forgot to mention YEAH BRUINS!!!!!

I will leave the more technical posting of this tournament to my neice.

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