Saturday, May 30, 2009

paging sister

and all cloud lovers

click on this one and tell me the shape you see

and now for a few flowers

Friday, May 29, 2009

There is just something about the range of mountains that surround this small but beautiful Blue Mesa Lake. I wrote a lot about this area last year because it was quite new to us. When you look at the mountains at this time of the year they appear to resemble a water color painting. This was yesterday a.m. after my walk. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New commercial

as my favorite insurance company (State Farm) likes to say.............I'll be there..........try to be there for someone. And if you see the commercial grab a kleenex.

The more you give
the more good things
come to you.

Native American Proverb

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I am sorry but I have a bitch

let's say there's a group of eight of people sitting together at a table in a restaurant, a couple of them a having a verbal conversation, the remainder of the group have their cell phone's in their hands texting. A couple of them a being somewhat discreet by hiding the phone in their lap and texting that way. The others are blatantly holding their beloved cell phones in their hand texting or maybe even playing games who the heck knows.

Folks this is rude! You made the decision to have a meal and spend time with the people at your table. It is obvious to me that these people do not mean anything to you that texting during the time you are EATING is more important. If in fact communicating during a meal is that important, excuse yourself and step outside. This is called common sense, etiquette, having good it what ever ya want..............but STOP doing this.

Now we are all aware of the horrific train accident in Los Angeles last year all because the driver of the train was allegedly texting while driving. And then just lately several you tube videos have shown up of passengers catching the drivers of buses using their cell phones. These drivers have a responsibility to the passengers that they are driving on their bus................... you tell me where the hell is their common sense? Many of you know we are on the road a lot, most of the time we can tell when some is on their phone while driving cause they are weaving on the road.

Do you honestly think that laws should be made to tell you, a responsible human being, to stop texting and talking on your cell phone when not appropriate. I understand now that many cell users have hands free usage and have a way of communicating while driving. In my humble opinion that is just as distracting as texting while driving..........sorry cause I do believe some relatives and friends do this. Well don't but if that important pull over in your car and talk.

I will leave you with something that happened to me a few weeks back. I stopped in to get an iced coffee from my favorite place. At the time it was quite warm where we were and iced coffee just sounded like something I needed. When I walked in surprised to notice no one else in the place, the sweet little barista took my order turned around to make my iced coffee, no shake, no stir, no additions please. During this short time the young lady pulled out her cell phone and I think what appeared to be returning a short text, put the phone back in her pocket and proceeded to screw up my iced coffee order. When sweet barista placed my grande on the counter I sarcastically asked her to remake my coffee because I saw her add something and then shake it. Fill the glass with ice, pour in the coffee, leave room for my adding cream, put the lid on and hand it to me. Oh and don't text on your phone while doing that OK!!! Did she apologize once NO she didn't, she was embarrassed but not even one I'm sorry. I leaned over and said "if you worked for me I would fire you on the spot, be lucky you have a job".

I know I'm a bitch but come on folks this is all common sense............stop it NOW!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So there Manny Ramirez

The Dodgers are having the best start of their season in 23 years.......................keep it up Dodgers

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chimayo, New Mexico

El Santuario de Chimayo is the holy shrine in northern New Mexico that is the destination of tens of thousands of pilgrims and tourists annually, particularly during the Holy Week culminating in Easter. It is a place of tranquility, faith and hope. The custody and care of El Santuario is delegated to the Sons of the Holy Family who also tend to the parish of Chimayo. Both El Santuario and the parish are for the benefit of both the citizens of Chimayo and all those who wish to visit in peace.

When we were there about 500 teenagers arrived for a pilgrimage as 1000 women just ended their pilgrimage. I was happy that we arrived in time to see the outdoor mass that was being held..

One of New Mexico's oldest restaurants is located in Chimayo, Rancho de Chimayo Well known for serving traditional New Mexican cuisine. How do I know that...........well sister and I had a wonderful meal at this hacienda many years ago. I was quite sad to see Rancho de Chimayo is closed for construction and will re-open in July 2009. Guess that's just a great excuse to come back to this historic Inn.

The annual pilgrimages to the Santurio de ChimayĆ³ continue every Easter weekend. Most pilgrims start walking in Santa Fe, twenty-seven miles to the south, but others come the eighty miles from Albuquerque, walking part of the way barefoot or crawling the last few yards on their knees (a common tradition in Spain and Latin America). Over 300,000 people visit this sacred site every year.

Outdoor Mass area
Today ChimayĆ³ is famous for the weaving's of the Ortega and Trujillo families. Many shops contain their work as well as fine art and crafts from the region. Way to rich for my liking love to look though.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just spectacular

the weather that awaited us in Gunnison. The days are sun shiny bright with very cool nites. Peaks of the surrounding mountains still have some of that white stuff on them which as you can see makes for some pretty pictures.
Trees are just beginning to bud, flowers will soon be popping their little heads out in the warm sunshine. I did notice that the lilac bushes on the property are also just beginning to bud. Such a pretty time of the year but I think this will be our third 2009 wonder my allergies are giving me fits. But it surely is worth it cause spring is just the best time of the year when all comes alive. There will be a very big wildflower festival in the next month or so, another favorite time of the year.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Your attention please............

We have landed in our summer spot in Gunnison, CO..............remember we were here last year. But what you may not remember is our connection to the internet is not all that terrific unless I take my computer to town - which I did a lot last summer.

Please be patient cause there are some wonderful photos to be seen...........think this might have been my first post from here last year. Still lots to see and explore as well as some repeat visits.

It's been two years

I just cannot believe two years ago we left Florida in our rear view window.

I just went back and read
May 2007 of tombstone tumbleweed to refresh my quite feeble memory of our time on the road. Scroll down to May 17th post to refresh your memory.

We have seen some of the most beautiful sites of the fantastic country as well as a few sites in Canada. Talk about meeting people and making heavens we have met some wonderful folks and made many new friends.

Buddy, Mr Doodles and I had a chat.............I'm thinking we're gonna keep on going.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Got my boots out.........

We are in the town of Pueblo, Colorado home of the PBR. This week they are having a big party check it out here

Y'all know how much Mr and I love bull riding so this is just a big bonus for us.

Out the door sooooooooo

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taos Pueblo

It is just amazing to me that a structure like this is over a thousand years old.

I'm gonna post a few photos of the Taos Pueblo where only about twenty families still reside. Remember there is not electricity, not even a generator. The reason for that is the vibration from the generator is not good for the walls of the Pueblo. There is no running water, only a small beautiful stream where they get their
water. A few families have propane tanks for heating water and cooking. And everyone has a kiva for heating and/or cooking Also interesting is that the area around the Pueblo is a no fly zone for ANY airplane also because of the vibration.

Now for some photos but if you have any questions please ask, also click on any photo and it will enlarge some for better viewing.

Many of the residents have a shop outside of their home selling fantastic pottery, jewelry, paintings all and terrific prices.

In this photo is the San Geronimo Catholic Church, most of the resident of the Pueblo are Catholic. It's a beautiful little, very little chapel and no photos are allowed.

It was a wonderful day plus we met some of the residents and had some great discussions. When my sister and I were here at the Pueblo fourteen years ago there was a very old woman that we saw. While I was there the other day I asked about the old woman and as it happened the lady I was speaking to was her great granddaughter and yes she is still alive and living here at the ripe old age of 97. I told the young lady that I remember that she was making frybread in her outdoor kiva. And don't ya know 97 year old grandmother is still doing that and going strong. I wish I could have gotten a photo of her but photos of the residents are not allowed.

Next up Chimayo, New Mexico

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Forks on the RV road

Some of the best Mexican food I have ever had. Wishing sister was here to enjoy this new find.

I'm talking about Gabriel's located just outside of Santa Fe on Hwy 285. Zagat rated this restaurant as one of the very best. We do not ever go to an eatery because of a rating. We had no idea what we were walking in to, we were just hungry, wanted Mexican food and we thought this place looked good.........nothing fancy but cars in the parking lot to me that's usually a good sign, at least it works for me.

Gabriel's is known for preparing your guacamole at table side, you get to chose the ingredients...........ours were avocado, cilantro, little salt and fresh lime juice.

My order consisted of a taco with the very best shredded beef I have ever had, a chile relleno stuffed with super creamy cheeses and of course the the rice and
beans. About that shredded beef taco, the beef was slow roasted with chiles and onions, that was it nothing more on the taco but you were served the salsa, cheese, lettuce etc. But I'm thinking this taco doesn't need another thing. The chile relleno was also quite nice with their added green sauce.

Just remember when in New Mexico you are always asked red or
green.............meaning what sauce on your food item you just ordered. Red tends to be a bit spicier than the green and I have always been a green sauce fan. You can also ask for both or just on the side.

Gabriel's has mountain view dining on their beautiful patio. The view is rather spectacular of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range of Northern Mew Mexico. Stunning vistas and just happens to be the longest mountain chain on Earth. Take my word for itSangre de Cristo mountain range are awful pretty and I bet even more stunning capped with that white stuff.

Now about dessert................I'm only here for the sopapilla's folks and Gabriel's did not let me down. Even Mr Doodles had one. I have written about this tasty desert before and these so far are the best......................served warm with honey!!! Oh lordy I am in heaven with the treasure. But my waistline won't handle another one so I say bye, bye

Here's your Saturday nite Sunset with the Sangre de Cristo mountains framing this beautiful New Mexico sky.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

A desert and A forest all in one day

What a day to see the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest.........the air was warm and the sky was blue.............perfect day for a few short hikes.

See what I mean............these photos were taken straight out of the manipulation with color at all.

Found a few petroglyphs on one of the hikes we took.

Petroglyphs were sometimes calendars marking events like summer solstice and the natural landscape

Not a petroglyph..........but Mr Doodles showing a piece of wood from the petrified forest. The pieces are something to behold. Loved to see a coffee table made out of a piece of this however the few years in Leavenworth probably wouldn't be worth it.

This is an interesting article on petrified wood. At the park they have some amazing movies and terrific Park Rangers to answer all your questions. And yes they can arrest you for taking out a tiny piece..............they now do an auto check as you leave the park.

All in all it was just a great day.............................more photos to follow

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Take it easy..............

Yep many of you old rockers will recognize those lyrics as a self titled album by the Eagles 1972.

"Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona Such a fine site to see"

Sit back and enjoy I'm gonna be your tour guide here in this cute little town. Well the city fathers of Winslow, AZ have turned that famous corner into a Park. Winslow is pretty cool town in its own right.

This is what the travel guides say but I am here to tell you this town is a mess and very poor. One good thing is they have received some federal funding that hopefully they would be able to turn this town around.

Mr Doodles and I happened to walk into the Chamber of Commerce office just after a meeting let out of the folks in charge of rebuilding this town. We were fortunate enough to see the proposals and artist renderings. The town folks have their hands full but with the right guidance they could turn this town around.

The town of Winslow started its demise in 1983 when I 40 was completed and those folks that drove the historic route 66 needed to get to their destination a little faster so they jumped on the interstate and avoided the town of Winslow completely. Winslow is not the only town that died because of I 40 but it is one that I know and have driven thru more than once.

There just happens to be a very well known hotel in this town La more about the architect Mary Coulter here.

I'll be sure to download some photos I took while touring the the La Posada.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Forks on the RV road

I am posting this again cause I think I jumped the gun a bit sharing with you our next move.

also knives and spoons...........think while making our way north to Gunnison, Colorado. I'll do a few restaurant reviews. We'll be taking our time and will have the opportunity to get off the beaten track, translated to mean U
S interstates. Unless ya wanna hear about truck stop food NOT!!!

Mr Doodles has never been in this area of the SouthWest...............several years ago sister and I took this similar trip.................we called it our Thelma & Louise adventure but didn't get arrested or kill anyone but saw some amazing sites and beautiful part of the country, OH and the food cannot forget about the food.

click on the map to get an enlargement

As you can see in the above map we will be taking some back roads north thru the Petrified Forest as well as Canyon de Chelly, a little out of our way but well worth the trip to check out. This canyon in Northern Arizona was made well known by Ansel Adams famed photographer. So we are hoping weather will be kind and we will be able to spend a couple a days hiking and photo taking in the Canyon.
We will head down south to find our way over to New Mexico on I40, eventually winding our way north to Taos...........going thru Santa Fe with a side trip to Chimayo, where I know of a very good Mexican restaurant..............hope it's still there. It will be good to revisit this area cause it's one of my favorites.

This adventure begins Cinco de Mayo.......................actually we headed out a couple a days early due to very high wind conditions.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Poor Buddy........the cat

For about a 100 miles or so the gypsy caravan went from about 4,000 ft altitude to near 10,000 ft then back down to about 6,500 ft that is where we spent the nite. But during all that time Buddy howled.............I mean howled like let me outta here.

We felt so bad for him cause we knew his little ears were popping due to the altitude but there was nothing we could do for the poor fur ball.

But I must say that altitude brought us some wonderful visuals. The scenic drive from Globe to Show Low, AZ as it crosses the Salt River Canyon also descends some 2,000 ft with some interesting switchbacks then crosses a bridge that takes you to the other side of the canyon. All the while Mr and I are saying WOW!!! and Buddy is howling like crazy.

After reaching our destination of Show Low, actually Pinetop, AZ which is also on the Apache Nation Indian Reservation we put Buddy in the RV and he immediately got a drink of water, used his box and went to start his six hour nap. Bless his sweet little heart he was exhausted.

The next few days we won't be going thru such changes in altitude.......

Saturday, May 02, 2009

I cannot wait

for this movie to be released. Mark your calendar for (as of now) August 7th.

I honestly think Meryl Streep can play anyone. Interesting that Julie Powell and her adventures of one year would be made into a movie but Nora Ephron liked the book enough to turn it into a movie with some very big names................Stanley Tucci as Mr Child.................told ya I can't wait.

What's next Pioneer Woman and her life living on the Plains of America??? Just remember ANYTHING is possible.