Saturday, May 23, 2009

I am sorry but I have a bitch

let's say there's a group of eight of people sitting together at a table in a restaurant, a couple of them a having a verbal conversation, the remainder of the group have their cell phone's in their hands texting. A couple of them a being somewhat discreet by hiding the phone in their lap and texting that way. The others are blatantly holding their beloved cell phones in their hand texting or maybe even playing games who the heck knows.

Folks this is rude! You made the decision to have a meal and spend time with the people at your table. It is obvious to me that these people do not mean anything to you that texting during the time you are EATING is more important. If in fact communicating during a meal is that important, excuse yourself and step outside. This is called common sense, etiquette, having good it what ever ya want..............but STOP doing this.

Now we are all aware of the horrific train accident in Los Angeles last year all because the driver of the train was allegedly texting while driving. And then just lately several you tube videos have shown up of passengers catching the drivers of buses using their cell phones. These drivers have a responsibility to the passengers that they are driving on their bus................... you tell me where the hell is their common sense? Many of you know we are on the road a lot, most of the time we can tell when some is on their phone while driving cause they are weaving on the road.

Do you honestly think that laws should be made to tell you, a responsible human being, to stop texting and talking on your cell phone when not appropriate. I understand now that many cell users have hands free usage and have a way of communicating while driving. In my humble opinion that is just as distracting as texting while driving..........sorry cause I do believe some relatives and friends do this. Well don't but if that important pull over in your car and talk.

I will leave you with something that happened to me a few weeks back. I stopped in to get an iced coffee from my favorite place. At the time it was quite warm where we were and iced coffee just sounded like something I needed. When I walked in surprised to notice no one else in the place, the sweet little barista took my order turned around to make my iced coffee, no shake, no stir, no additions please. During this short time the young lady pulled out her cell phone and I think what appeared to be returning a short text, put the phone back in her pocket and proceeded to screw up my iced coffee order. When sweet barista placed my grande on the counter I sarcastically asked her to remake my coffee because I saw her add something and then shake it. Fill the glass with ice, pour in the coffee, leave room for my adding cream, put the lid on and hand it to me. Oh and don't text on your phone while doing that OK!!! Did she apologize once NO she didn't, she was embarrassed but not even one I'm sorry. I leaned over and said "if you worked for me I would fire you on the spot, be lucky you have a job".

I know I'm a bitch but come on folks this is all common sense............stop it NOW!!!


Anonymous said...

And I second that!

Moon said...

This makes me nuts, too.

Bee said...

I would so love to have you come here and visit some of our local establishments. If I were boss, I'd fire them for that and I'd fire them for not saying "Thank you" at the end of a transaction. I hate it when somebody shoves my order at me and turns away without even saying "Kiss my a$$." If you weren't my hero before, you are now!

Becky said...