Saturday, May 30, 2009

paging sister

and all cloud lovers

click on this one and tell me the shape you see

and now for a few flowers


Bee said...

Is this a test? I can tell you that I see a baby beluga whale swimming down. But that's probably not what you see.

The colors in these are wonderful. So sharp and clear, I swear I could reach right in and pluck one of those flowers.

Anonymous said...

I see an old man with a cigar hanging out of his mouth...???

Moon said...

That last one, that would be my Buddy-dog peaking out from behind that cloud.

Doodles said...

first I saw Buddy the dog........then I looked again when posting and saw a polar bear.

Bee that is just the beginning of some beautiful flowers that pop up in this area.

Bee said...

Now I see the dog! Clear as day.