Monday, May 18, 2009

Just spectacular

the weather that awaited us in Gunnison. The days are sun shiny bright with very cool nites. Peaks of the surrounding mountains still have some of that white stuff on them which as you can see makes for some pretty pictures.
Trees are just beginning to bud, flowers will soon be popping their little heads out in the warm sunshine. I did notice that the lilac bushes on the property are also just beginning to bud. Such a pretty time of the year but I think this will be our third 2009 wonder my allergies are giving me fits. But it surely is worth it cause spring is just the best time of the year when all comes alive. There will be a very big wildflower festival in the next month or so, another favorite time of the year.

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Bee said...

I can see why you like going there. Is that not the bluest blue ever?! Can't wait to see pictures of the wildflower festival.