Sunday, May 10, 2009

Forks on the RV road

Some of the best Mexican food I have ever had. Wishing sister was here to enjoy this new find.

I'm talking about Gabriel's located just outside of Santa Fe on Hwy 285. Zagat rated this restaurant as one of the very best. We do not ever go to an eatery because of a rating. We had no idea what we were walking in to, we were just hungry, wanted Mexican food and we thought this place looked good.........nothing fancy but cars in the parking lot to me that's usually a good sign, at least it works for me.

Gabriel's is known for preparing your guacamole at table side, you get to chose the ingredients...........ours were avocado, cilantro, little salt and fresh lime juice.

My order consisted of a taco with the very best shredded beef I have ever had, a chile relleno stuffed with super creamy cheeses and of course the the rice and
beans. About that shredded beef taco, the beef was slow roasted with chiles and onions, that was it nothing more on the taco but you were served the salsa, cheese, lettuce etc. But I'm thinking this taco doesn't need another thing. The chile relleno was also quite nice with their added green sauce.

Just remember when in New Mexico you are always asked red or
green.............meaning what sauce on your food item you just ordered. Red tends to be a bit spicier than the green and I have always been a green sauce fan. You can also ask for both or just on the side.

Gabriel's has mountain view dining on their beautiful patio. The view is rather spectacular of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range of Northern Mew Mexico. Stunning vistas and just happens to be the longest mountain chain on Earth. Take my word for itSangre de Cristo mountain range are awful pretty and I bet even more stunning capped with that white stuff.

Now about dessert................I'm only here for the sopapilla's folks and Gabriel's did not let me down. Even Mr Doodles had one. I have written about this tasty desert before and these so far are the best......................served warm with honey!!! Oh lordy I am in heaven with the treasure. But my waistline won't handle another one so I say bye, bye

Here's your Saturday nite Sunset with the Sangre de Cristo mountains framing this beautiful New Mexico sky.


Moon said...

Thanks for the virtual Sopapilla, sister. And the sunset wasn't to shabby, either.

Grandma Poppi said...

Oh my oh my,I want to be there eating the shredded beef and seeing that view. Wow!

Anonymous said...

that food sounds delicious and ya know im loving that sunset picture! Just incredible!!!!