Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taos Pueblo

It is just amazing to me that a structure like this is over a thousand years old.

I'm gonna post a few photos of the Taos Pueblo where only about twenty families still reside. Remember there is not electricity, not even a generator. The reason for that is the vibration from the generator is not good for the walls of the Pueblo. There is no running water, only a small beautiful stream where they get their
water. A few families have propane tanks for heating water and cooking. And everyone has a kiva for heating and/or cooking Also interesting is that the area around the Pueblo is a no fly zone for ANY airplane also because of the vibration.

Now for some photos but if you have any questions please ask, also click on any photo and it will enlarge some for better viewing.

Many of the residents have a shop outside of their home selling fantastic pottery, jewelry, paintings all and terrific prices.

In this photo is the San Geronimo Catholic Church, most of the resident of the Pueblo are Catholic. It's a beautiful little, very little chapel and no photos are allowed.

It was a wonderful day plus we met some of the residents and had some great discussions. When my sister and I were here at the Pueblo fourteen years ago there was a very old woman that we saw. While I was there the other day I asked about the old woman and as it happened the lady I was speaking to was her great granddaughter and yes she is still alive and living here at the ripe old age of 97. I told the young lady that I remember that she was making frybread in her outdoor kiva. And don't ya know 97 year old grandmother is still doing that and going strong. I wish I could have gotten a photo of her but photos of the residents are not allowed.

Next up Chimayo, New Mexico

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