Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Forks on the RV road

I am posting this again cause I think I jumped the gun a bit sharing with you our next move.

also knives and spoons...........think while making our way north to Gunnison, Colorado. I'll do a few restaurant reviews. We'll be taking our time and will have the opportunity to get off the beaten track, translated to mean U
S interstates. Unless ya wanna hear about truck stop food NOT!!!

Mr Doodles has never been in this area of the SouthWest...............several years ago sister and I took this similar trip.................we called it our Thelma & Louise adventure but didn't get arrested or kill anyone but saw some amazing sites and beautiful part of the country, OH and the food cannot forget about the food.

click on the map to get an enlargement

As you can see in the above map we will be taking some back roads north thru the Petrified Forest as well as Canyon de Chelly, a little out of our way but well worth the trip to check out. This canyon in Northern Arizona was made well known by Ansel Adams famed photographer. So we are hoping weather will be kind and we will be able to spend a couple a days hiking and photo taking in the Canyon.
We will head down south to find our way over to New Mexico on I40, eventually winding our way north to Taos...........going thru Santa Fe with a side trip to Chimayo, where I know of a very good Mexican restaurant..............hope it's still there. It will be good to revisit this area cause it's one of my favorites.

This adventure begins Cinco de Mayo.......................actually we headed out a couple a days early due to very high wind conditions.


Moon said...

Very jealous about Canyon de Chelly and Chimayo. You will go to the Santuario, won't you?

The restaurant in Chimayo was an Inn I believe. And from Chimayo to Taos, we took the back road, the road less traveled. So nice, oh so nice. Looking forward to the pix.

Grandma Poppi said...

Hey Moon,
Quite a few years ago my old sweetie and I were in that area. We stopped in a dusty, wide streeted town in NM looking for a good Mexican place. We found one. Run by a Mexican Mom and her kids. My hubby said they were the best tamales he had ever had, and believe me he had had a few. As I recall the shredded beef burritos were amazing also. So much fun to find the local flavors. Wish I could tell the the name of town and place.

Grandma Poppi said...

Hey Doodles,
I knew it was you I was commenting to. Just wanted to make sure you were awake out there and hadn't tumbled too hard!
Actually sometimes I have sometimers disease.