Thursday, May 07, 2009

Take it easy..............

Yep many of you old rockers will recognize those lyrics as a self titled album by the Eagles 1972.

"Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona Such a fine site to see"

Sit back and enjoy I'm gonna be your tour guide here in this cute little town. Well the city fathers of Winslow, AZ have turned that famous corner into a Park. Winslow is pretty cool town in its own right.

This is what the travel guides say but I am here to tell you this town is a mess and very poor. One good thing is they have received some federal funding that hopefully they would be able to turn this town around.

Mr Doodles and I happened to walk into the Chamber of Commerce office just after a meeting let out of the folks in charge of rebuilding this town. We were fortunate enough to see the proposals and artist renderings. The town folks have their hands full but with the right guidance they could turn this town around.

The town of Winslow started its demise in 1983 when I 40 was completed and those folks that drove the historic route 66 needed to get to their destination a little faster so they jumped on the interstate and avoided the town of Winslow completely. Winslow is not the only town that died because of I 40 but it is one that I know and have driven thru more than once.

There just happens to be a very well known hotel in this town La more about the architect Mary Coulter here.

I'll be sure to download some photos I took while touring the the La Posada.


Bee said...

Take pictures of doors and windows! And any cute little burros you see.

Moon said...

1972? Really!? Let me get my rocking chair.