Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chimayo, New Mexico

El Santuario de Chimayo is the holy shrine in northern New Mexico that is the destination of tens of thousands of pilgrims and tourists annually, particularly during the Holy Week culminating in Easter. It is a place of tranquility, faith and hope. The custody and care of El Santuario is delegated to the Sons of the Holy Family who also tend to the parish of Chimayo. Both El Santuario and the parish are for the benefit of both the citizens of Chimayo and all those who wish to visit in peace.

When we were there about 500 teenagers arrived for a pilgrimage as 1000 women just ended their pilgrimage. I was happy that we arrived in time to see the outdoor mass that was being held..

One of New Mexico's oldest restaurants is located in Chimayo, Rancho de Chimayo Well known for serving traditional New Mexican cuisine. How do I know that...........well sister and I had a wonderful meal at this hacienda many years ago. I was quite sad to see Rancho de Chimayo is closed for construction and will re-open in July 2009. Guess that's just a great excuse to come back to this historic Inn.

The annual pilgrimages to the Santurio de Chimayó continue every Easter weekend. Most pilgrims start walking in Santa Fe, twenty-seven miles to the south, but others come the eighty miles from Albuquerque, walking part of the way barefoot or crawling the last few yards on their knees (a common tradition in Spain and Latin America). Over 300,000 people visit this sacred site every year.

Outdoor Mass area
Today Chimayó is famous for the weaving's of the Ortega and Trujillo families. Many shops contain their work as well as fine art and crafts from the region. Way to rich for my liking love to look though.


Anonymous said...

Your life is a vacation! I'm enjoying the trip with you.

Moon said...

I do remember that dinner in Chimayo, very tasty. The photo of the church is wonderful.

Doodles said...

not really K ...............but fun none the less.

That sky is just so crisp I couldn't believe how blue it was.