Monday, May 04, 2009

Poor Buddy........the cat

For about a 100 miles or so the gypsy caravan went from about 4,000 ft altitude to near 10,000 ft then back down to about 6,500 ft that is where we spent the nite. But during all that time Buddy howled.............I mean howled like let me outta here.

We felt so bad for him cause we knew his little ears were popping due to the altitude but there was nothing we could do for the poor fur ball.

But I must say that altitude brought us some wonderful visuals. The scenic drive from Globe to Show Low, AZ as it crosses the Salt River Canyon also descends some 2,000 ft with some interesting switchbacks then crosses a bridge that takes you to the other side of the canyon. All the while Mr and I are saying WOW!!! and Buddy is howling like crazy.

After reaching our destination of Show Low, actually Pinetop, AZ which is also on the Apache Nation Indian Reservation we put Buddy in the RV and he immediately got a drink of water, used his box and went to start his six hour nap. Bless his sweet little heart he was exhausted.

The next few days we won't be going thru such changes in altitude.......

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Bee said...

Poor Buddy. And that view made my ears hurt, too. It's beautiful but it's waaaaay down there, isn't it?