Tuesday, June 02, 2009

How convenient

that just twelve miles east of where we are staying this summer there happens to be a lovely coffee/internet cafe just a few doors down from the market I frequent.

I'm sure you have heard me bemoan the fact that while staying in this area which is the Western slope of the Rocky Mountains, beautiful mountains. They are stunning to wake up and have those really pretty peaks outside your window. But those pretty peaks play havoc with anyone's internet connection. No ones fault just the way it goes.

The RV park we are parked has what we believe to be a great service for WiFi. Oh heck no my aircard does not work in this area. Suffice to say that those that erect phone towers care about our vista so I guess I should thank them for not ruining my view.

Anyway think of wifi as a party line, you know like the olden days when you had a phone and a rather chatty neighbor hogged the phone. Well that can also happen to a small wifi service, some folks just don't get it and think that the wifi is just for them well it's not. The administrator of the wifi here is working quite hard to make it better.

In the meantime as I mentioned just a short distance to town is an internet cafe.

Mochas is a great spot for a specialty coffee, your favorite hot tea and maybe a bagel. And they have a wifi connection. I don't use if while at Mochas I use my aircard cause it's secure and I can do banking. But this funky little place is run by the college students, has an onsite bakery, and ice cream, but do me a favor don't tell Mr Doodles they have ice cream.


Bee said...

As much as I love my internet connection, I think I'd take the view, too. And, now you have an excuse to go to Mochas and get tea and bagles and (I'm whispering now) ice cream.

Moon said...

He can't see the "Breyers" sign?

Sid said...

I'm gonna tell him!!!! he he

We found a really nice park in Susanville, CA wife is getting high speed cable so that should heep her smiling.

Take care Sid

Doodles said...

sure he can see the sign for Breyers...........Mr doesn't know that's ice cream HA!!!