Sunday, June 28, 2009

The hills were alive

While driving to our favorite hiking spot I noticed a very unusual color scattered on the hillside sort of a gray lavender shade. One of the first wildflowers to pop out is the Indian Paint Brush that's what the red color is I was seeing

And every once in awhile I would see some red splashed about.

Turning a corner I yelled "STOP".............that's what I do to get my driver, Mr Doodles, to pull over.

The lupine were everywhere, the colors in the photos do not do them justice. It was such an unusual color, at a distance it was a bit gray and as we got closer the bright lavender color just glistened even in the mostly cloudy skies. Mr also exclaimed a "WOW!

Strange as it may seem, some Lupines are poisonous, while others are edible! Unless you know our Lupines, it's recommended you do not serve them at the dinner table. The lupine we came upon had a sweet aroma to it much like honey smells.

More wildflowers are on the horizon.......literally with my favorite the colorful Columbine.


Bee said...

Did you take pictures of the columbine? Lupines are so beautiful, but they don't do well around here. We have to grow false indigo to get that color. Lupines rank right up there close to peonies in the pretty factor, don't they?

Moon said...

Love our lupine and did not know some were poisonous.

These are lovely. The green and lavender has always been my color combo.

Doodles said...

I guess that's what made the vista so striking was the color combination.

Yes I took pics of the columbine