Thursday, July 02, 2009

Another Birthday

Did I ever show you this?

Bet on the photo and you can read about Buddy and the vet that saved him. Dr. Baker always had a special spot in his heart for Buddy. The whole time we lived in Key Largo he never charged us for any visits that he had to make.

In the caption under the photo (yep that's Buddy) it mentions that he was rescued........turns out he was found in the mouth of said large dog after the dog killed the momma cat as well as his brothers and sister kitties. So Buddy was an orphan and Dr. George thought of himself as his guardian angel.

A few days after they found Buddy the Baker's were invited to our house for a dinner party, Mrs B called to ask if she could bring a kitten they just rescued. Of course bring the baby kitten............when Mr Doodles held that kitten it was all over he was now our baby.

Dr George and Mrs B found Buddy on the 4th of July so that's when we celebrate his special day.

Sure wish Dr. George and Mrs B were around to help you celebrate your 15th year.

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

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Moon said...

Happy Birthday Old Cat! And many more to come.