Friday, July 17, 2009

Drink your milk

Here's what happened. A lady here at the RV resort went fishing with her husband, while walking down to the river she slipped and fell on a rock. Come to find out the two breaks that incurred were bad breaks. Her surgery was yesterday and the surgeon discovered that she has the beginnings of osteoporosis.

I am now going to nag all my female friends and readers to get thee to your Dr and ask to have a bone density test. I'm a big believer in calcium replacement as well as vitamin D and bone density tests. The test is not invasive at all, quite simple actually.

Ya know you could just google the word osteoporosis and come up with all kinds of information. I'm a member of NOF and have been for quite sometime.

This woman that had this terrible, painful accident is not old at all, maybe a few pounds overweight but certainly not obese by any means. She was quite fortunate by having the incident happen here as the surgeons handle a lot of ski accidents in the winter and they know bones. But in a wheelchair with a non walking cast none the less for about two months................ouch!!!

Just do me a favor look into this would ya please.


Bee said...

Yes, m'am. And about those calcium supplements. There's some evidence that making sure you have enough calcium may also lessen your risk of colon cancer.

(LOL the word recognition jumble is heducked! Was he in trouble and had a frying pan swinin' at his head?!)

Chris said...

Oh so right you are!

So far so good, for me, bone density wise. But I do supplement vitamin D and though I'm not a milk fan, yogurt & cottage cheese are big favorites.

Thanks for spreading word!