Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Birthday

Today we honor the birth of my dear, sweet husband Mr Doodles!!!

I love birthdays I think celebrating the week, not the day, of your birth is very special. Any reason to have cake is fine by me.

Mr Doodles is not one to like a fuss over his birthday, well with the exception of his 40th birthday party he enjoyed that a lot. And maybe someday I'll blog about that event, what an event it was.

Anyway back to this birthday for Mr Doodles, he's not into a party but he is definitely into food so his celebration will be a big ole fish fry and a key lime pie.

Happy Birthday my dear!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Mr. Doodles.........
Enjoy your special day and I'll be with you in spirit eating that Key Lime Pie!

Bee said...

Happy Birthday! Eat a piece of pie for me.

Moon said...

ah yes, the 40th BD extravaganza.