Sunday, June 21, 2009

We interrupt this hike

with a torrential downpour. We are both soaking wet but the camera didn't get wet at all. I protect the camera over me any day.

The day started with great potential, got up had a quick coffee (he) tea (me) a bagel and I made a smoothie for the half hour drive. When we woke it was some cloudy however a bit of blue sky was on the horizon so off we go camera in hand camera bag packed along with a lunch.

See that leeeetle bit of blue sky that looks promising to you too I bet. Well we were going to hike along that pretty bubbling stream when out of no where the black clouds arrived and the water fell outta the sky. Wish I would have had an umbrella because I missed to interesting shots.

Oh well we are about to try this same journey again in a few minutes


Moon said...

Well, it sure does make it green. Very pretty.

Bee said...

Did you get to go back? That is a beautiful place! And to think it's that close to you every single day!