Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Buddy..........the cat

First Buddy the cat sends get well wishes to his cousin Buddy the dog who is not feeling too well these days.

Get Well Cousin I'll see you in September

Buddy has very limited taste when it comes to food. There are only two foods he has eaten in all of his fourteen years both of them dry. We have tried canned food on a few occasions with no success.

When Buddy went on thyroid meds the vet suggested we change his food to wet canned food so he would get his medicine that way...........Mr Doodles and I both laughed and said "that just ain't gonna happen Dr. so we will have to struggle to get his medicine in him". And struggle we do everyday but he is healthy now and happy so I have no intention of forcing him to eat canned food. At the time he had lost a lot of weight so forcing him to eat something he didn't want just didn't make sense to me.

Now open a bag of potato chips and it's a whole different story. Buddy can hear a bag of chips opened from way in the other room even if he was sound asleep curled up on the bed wrapped up in a blanket.

The other day Mr had put some chips in a bowl, I had gone over to use the computer. Buddy brought me a present, he had gotten into the bowl of chips, licked every last bit of salt off of the stolen chip and brought it to me. Sitting at my feet looking like he was saying here I brought ya a present or was he saying the salts all gone could I have another.

Cats are unusual creatures this one is especially unusual but we love him anyway, by the way Buddy knows when we are eating steak cause he smells the grille...............steak is another favorite.


Bee said...

A cat after my own heart! I love potato chips. Now, being owned by 2 cats myself, it's my bet that he was asking for more because he had used that one all up.

Moon said...

Buddy is better.

Does Buddy Cat lick the salt shaker?

Doodles said...

the reason I keep the salt shaker in the cabinet and the butter in the Buddy would eat and lick.