Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taking our time

As sister likes to refer to us as the Gypsy Caravan, we are ready to head North.  Well north as far as Southern Colorado.  Just saw an article that says Colorado and Kansas are having the worst pollen in the country.  Excuse me you mean worse than my friends in the Carolina's?  Worse than last year..........yikes!!

Maybe we'll be taking our time given the yukky pollen situation.  Must show you our long but quite different travels.   Some of the places we have yet to visit.  I know imagine that.  I have been yakking to Mr about seeing what the rave is all about when folks talk about Winnemucca, Nevada.  So that is one of the stops.

you can click on the photo to enlarge
Should be pulling out of here around the 15th of April.  First stop Lake Havasu, AZ, been there and know there is a sweet little English Pub right there on the London Bridge. >>>>>>>>>>>

Taking US highway 95 and no it's not that far, bout 100 miles or so.  However the desert is in bloom and that means photo ops for the passenger, me!!  I'll be saying, pull over Mr , can ya stop please,  every few miles.   Mr is such a patient man.   So we decided that Yuma to Havasu would be long enough.  Plus there are some good lunch stops along the way.

The next day we'll motor on up to Bullhead City, AZ then zip across over to Laughlin, Nevada.  Another 100 mile or so trip.  Heard there was a casino there.

After Laughlin, still traveling on US highway 95 we'll head east, sorta.  Thru Vegas, yep buzz thru Vegas.  Still on Highway 95 we'll be on the edge of Death Valley.  Next stop Indian Springs, Nevada.  We'll be reaching a bit of elevation and with that cooler temps.  Here's hoping for no spring snowfall.

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So we all know the Internet is a remarkable tool.  I would never be able to keep up with y'all if I had to do it by notes and phone calls.  But I found something even more remarkable Google has a distance map you can use.  There are some pretty smart folks over at Google.  I hope they know that our lives have been changed by their many programs.  Find it here, Mr says it's right on when it comes to mileage.  Don't ask, he knows things like that.

One more thing, young kitten Bogey has yet to travel any long distances, so here's hoping he will be a good traveler. 
 More to come...............


Allie and Pattie said...

Sounds WONDERFUL. And I will be watching for all your updates and pics. As I sit here watching Ray on the screen porch ATTEMPTING to scrub off some pollen, I find it hard to imagine it's worse elsewhere. Though I will say- 2 years ago when there was NO rain we had actual yellow "snowdrifts" 6 inches high on the deck. That was the worst I've ever seen

Moon said...

Oh, I think Bogey will get a bit restless but be ok after you shake his cage a bit.

Bee said...

I can't wait to hear about your travels. Find a lovely stony creek to take a picture of for me. Bogey may not realize it, but he's a lucky kitty cat to be goin' with y'all!