Tuesday, October 21, 2008


You must, I'm begging ya to sequester your cabinet and that includes the guy from the SEC and Bernanke and Paulson Every time these dopes open their mouth the market goes down.

Paulson had no business walking the floor of the NYSE for what, the guy wouldn't answer one question.

There are job loses in 41 states, severe job loses. Schools are asking parents to bring their kids to school because some districts cannot afford fuel for buses.

This will end I'm sure but it will take a long time and a lot of very fine folks are suffering because of a bunch a greedy bastards.

OK I'm thru ranting........sorry!!!


Moon said...

Don't be sorry for the rant. Go ahead, rant all you want maybe it will convince some reader to vote.

Obama for a change

Chris said...

Aw c'mon Doods, tell us how you really feel!*Ü*

Bunch of idiots, eh?

Doodles said...

Like I said they are MORONS......I almost wish I would have been the woman trying to put the handcuffs on Rove!!!