Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fire in the Sky on a very Cool nite

Well the temps have warmed up 10 - 15 degrees. Winds are so-so at the moment but the burning embers are still a problem. I have been thru earthquakes in California, wind storms in Arizona and hurricanes in Florida, let me tell ya my friends this is scary.

Our view Monday afternoon..........pretty heavy smoke in this area

a tad unsettling when you see a firetruck in your parking lot waiting just waiting

traffic yesterday on the 101 freeway was unbelievable

now we must go wipe off all the pumpkins cause they are coated with ash

OK must go find the visine for my burning scratchy eyes.....................as always stay tuna'd


Moon said...

Closing the 118 makes the 101 horrible. I was once in LA when they did and a normal 35 minute drive took two hours. I came home via Malibu. Let's hope they get it all under control.

ashpags said...

I hope they get it all under control soon! I've been in NM during fire season before, and it is not fun. Good luck to y'all and the pumpkins! =)