Monday, October 20, 2008

The art of carving

As the keepers of the Pumpkin Patch, our latest venture here in Southern California, one cannot help but wake with a smile on your face when you step outside to see the orange mass of pumpkins. I have even taken to naming me crazy.

Now you know Mr Doodles is a past business owner, a Boat Captain, talented in remodeling houses and a pretty good driver hauling
us around in the RV time of our life..........but I never knew he could carve a pumpkin. And the reason I'm impressed is that I can't carve a pumpkin........never could........have none talent in that dept. When you have as many pumpkins in your patch as we do and the heat is as warm as it has been here you are bound to have the beginnings of spoilage. Well Mr Doodles decided he would try his hand at carving. Never has he carved a pumpkin before and didn't use a stencil, he looked a pictures and drew freehand. I have a talented husband and I forgot he has an artistic side.

Do yourself a favor head on down to your local pumpkin patch find your desired pumpkin and go home a'll be glad you did!!!

First attempt
always must have an evil pirate

don't ask...............


Chris said...

A pumkin artiste for sure! Love that pirate, but the third one is my favorite!

Moon said...

Cap't Mr Doodles did a great job and yes, you are crazy.

maltese parakeet said...

it probably wouldn't do to go political at the pumpkin patch, but there's a site for obama pumpkin carving (barack o'lanterns) called

Doodles said...

If this was my very own pumpkin patch I would have had Mr Doodles carve both candidates and many of them and see which ones sold more HA!!!

I've see Obama's pumpkin page....maybe I'll post it here.