Sunday, October 12, 2008

My sister is just the best

How lucky I am so have such a caring and thoughtful dear friend that also is my baby sister. Actually she is my only sibling.

Sister has had quite a lot on her plate lately, a bit of trauma, some health issues and a gathering of many at her home for a baby Christening. Not to mention the Gypsy Caravan of the Doodle bunch arrived at their lovely home.

Go back to the merry month of August when the peaches were in full force in the farmers markets. Sister knows how much I love peach pie so she froze a bunch to make me a pie when we arrived.......gotta love it!!!

this photo does not do justice to this lovely pie

Last nite we enjoyed her wonderful peach pie and we even have some leftover for lunch is good when Doodles has a peach pie.

Thank you sister I love ya bunches!!!

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