Monday, September 29, 2008

OK enough already...........

this is no longer about saving Wall Street this is about saving the general public.

I don't care if tomorrow is a holiday or the second coming of Christ..........I just wrote every Senator and Congressman in my voting district as well as Obama, McCain and Pelosi. I asked them to get to work and move forward. These people cannot sit in Washington while folks around the country are going to fail.

This is making me very, very grumpy and I'm not liking this feeling one dang bit.

If this wasn't so very would be hysterically funny..........they are gonna make a situation comedy TV show about this I can see it now.............Lordy!!!

All the people in Washington are a huge embarrassment and what I am feeling that not one of them understands or smart enough to understand the magnitude of this problem.

Politics aside folks get it done........stop pointing fingers!!!