Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Buddy got a brand new Bag

After fourteen years in the same carrier for Buddy the Cat, it was beginning to show it's wear and tear. So a new bag was ordered after many hours of looking on line. Wow the prices were all over the place and I must also say the Buddy would not be the kind of cat to be transported in a pink bag. Found this sweet soft sided bag on Amazon at a reasonable price and to say that he likes it is a understatement. While driving he even stays inside with it's plush red carpeting.

Buddy is enjoying his ride as we are headed south west to the home of sister in California. Gonna take a couple of side trips on the way. One we already took was to visit the Mesa Verde in Cortez, Colorado near the Four Corners of Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Arizona. It's amazing to go from beautiful lush landscape of Aspens and Spruce to desolate not so pretty landscape it quite unbelievable. As Often as I see the landscape change it is still something that I just watch in awe.

Went thru the Painted Desert and the wind was blowing the sand around so much photos were not good..........but with the sun shinning it was quite pink in some areas.

OK when I'll soon get the photos together of the sites and scenes to post...........stay tuna'd

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maltese parakeet said...

yay, buddy! looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. promise not to drop you when i try to pick you up this time! p.s., tell bo & no i won't drop them either!