Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Aspen

some leaves are beginning to turn

some are even beginning to fall

they are tall, beautiful stately trees

you can see here a bit of the golden color they turn when a bit of frost this morning...........eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww!!!

these are choke cherry bushes.....bears love em and my grandma used to make choke cherry jelly from these little guys. had to have a lot of them cause they are quite small.

see that pretty red oak leaf............ that belongs to a tree growing quite low to the ground called a scrub oak......they to are begging to change colors. Cannot imagine what this area will look like in a couple a weeks.

Well we won't know because we are leaving in a week and heading south. We are sure to see some color along the way, especially when we get to the four corners.

stay tuna'd...................

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Chris said...

Doodles, I love your Aspen photos! In the eastern Sierra, we have big stands of them that turn that beautiful gold and literally shine against the dark green of the pine & sequoia trees. We try to take a day trip each fall just to see them.

Safe travels as you head south. Will you be getting to California at all?